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I have just returned from my medical today and have been told I am temporarily unfit due to the fact I have a bridge fitted to right tooth.(knocked out left front tooth with a scooter handle jumping off a pavement aged 12). It is my intention to get a implant but that can’t happen until 20/21 due to growth. I’m 18 years 5 months now. Will they not allow entry with a bridge? I don’t want to wait another 2 years, I was advised at 16 to return in a couple of years to allow me to finish school etc. Feeling really frustrated that 1 missing tooth is going to stand in my way now!


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Best bet is wait until you receive a letter which details the specific reason why you do not currently meet the medical standard for entry. I've not come across this issue previously - braces yes, bridges no.

Once you have received the letter, write back to ask under what circumstances you can meet the medical standards for entry. If they state in writing that a bridge is unacceptable, then see what options they give you.

Best of luck.


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Thank you for your reply Ninja-stoker. Is it your understanding that bridges are permitted then?
I genuinely don't know on that score, it's just that I've not previously heard of them being a bar to entry. Possibly the issue is there's ongoing unresolved dental treatment which is the issue and if your bridge is temporary, possibly there's a satisfactory acceptable resolution with regard medical suitability for service other than implants.

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