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Hi everybody, just new to the board. Been reading through all the posts but couldnt find any answers to some questions im curious about. Ive read that when you are getting a medical you also get a dental check. What are they looking for concerning the dental check and can they stop me joining as i had a tooth knocked out (bit of a scuffle outside the pub :? )

Was also looking at the qualificatons to be an officer and although ive got 4 highers(A levels equivalent) which make up about 192 ucas points i never got a 3 or above in my GCSEs for maths. I did do an intermediate maths class in my last year of school though and have been told its the equivalent to a credit pass in my maths GCSE. My question is will the navy be flexible about this being as its not exactly a GCSE(standard grade) but instead an intermediate which is its equivalent?

Cheers :)
I don't think you'll have a problem with the teeth - even if they're not all your own!

As for the educational quals the Careers Office should be able to assist you as they have all the latest requirement details.

Good luck!


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Your 5 GCSE's must include Maths & English at Grade C or better, regardless of the minimum 140 UCAS points at A2 standard, ring 08456 07 55 55 55 to clarify any doubts. The dental check at your medical is undertaken by a Doctor, not a "Fang Farrier" (Dentist). All the dental check is a visual check to see if you need basic treatment: fillings, extractions, etc. You do not get X-rayed.
Thanks very much for your replies. Hypothetically if you needed said basic treatments do they send you away and you have to get them done and re-apply or would they do them for you?
If you needed treatment they would give to you the treatment once you had signed on. Great life the navy free dental treatment.
The dental check will be to ensure that you do not have any major requirements dentally prior to joining - this has been a problem mainly in the Army in the recent past. I f you have reasonably healthy teeth and have had regular check ups then you should be ok. If you need work doing you will need to get the major stuff done before you join as you do not get much time at Raleigh/BRNC the work done. If you are not dentally fit you are not deployable. A missing tooth should not be a problem as long as it has already been seen/treated by your normal dentist. If you have problems accessing a dentist try the NHS Direct website as first point of contact.

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