Dental checks at Raleigh

Hi all,

Just a quick question hoping to see what the experts think! I head down to Raleigh 15th of January and last week somehow being very drunk thought I'd have ago opening a bottle with my teeth and broke a bit of a tooth, there's no pain or anytnint and won't affect my training but just wondered is it worth me getting it fixed now or after basic training?


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Whilst dental/medical treatment is free upon joining, those requiring emergency dental treatment should not wait until they join.

Those requiring extensive medical treatment can, on occasion, be medically discharged until they are fully fit to enter. In any event, any changes of medical status should be relayed to your AFCO (they re-open on 3rd January).

My tip? Get it checked-over by a fang farrier (dentist) prior to joining in case there is more damage than suspected. Whilst treatment is free upon joining, Initial Naval Training is pretty full-on and it is best to avoid missing bits and playing 'catch-up' with your fellow recruits through having spent several hours in the dentists chair having your gob put back together so that it looks less like a busted piano.


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go see your dentist, for a check up and see what they think, about your chipped tooth, maybe miss out the beer bottle trick. But do explain you are having it as a pre joining check, let your AFCO know the outcome, if there is no problem, lucky if you need work done past your due date unlucky, next time stay a bit more on the sober side of bladdered , if the pig ugly troll at the bar is looking good, stop drinking?
PS beer bottles with teeth was one if my party tricks for many years, maybe the reason for my one missing tooth and the one that is destined to join it:(
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