Dennis Hutchings


War Hero
This from the family:

Dennis Hutchings From my family to everyone that came and supported my grandad, whether it be in person, in the church, outside the church or online, it is so much more appreciated than you guys will ever know! Thank you so much from all of us, your support and friendship will be with us always, thank you for sharing this special day with us
The turnout was phenomenal .. honestly caught us all by surprise! I honestly from my family can not thank each and everyone of you enough!
Today was a celebration of the great man he is and was and we are so grateful you could all play your part. This fight isn’t over and it won’t be till he is cleared (again) but from me, my family and Kim Devonshire family thank you so much! You all made today what it was supposed to be and he would be so proud of each and every one us


Lantern Swinger

What an absolute fantastic send off for an old soldier who was unjustly treated . wish I could have been there for him but my personal circumstances dictated otherwise . So pleased for his Family and friends .
Also what a great two finger salute to the wan...s of the British government who allowed it all to happen in the first place , shame on them . Its time for us all to stand up and start putting the Great back in Britain and let the woke tossers know who really matters