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Just had a call from afco with a prnc date but was told at the same time I've been denied joining as chef SM and been offered GS instead.
Was told chef SM manning is full.

SM is one of the reasons I wanted to join in the first place, what are the chances of getting a seat on a boat after training?


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Why not ask your AFCO directly instead of relying on opinion on the internet?

Another minor point is that you've just made it really easy to identify who you are to the AFCO in question. Do you really think this is sensible?


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What difference does it make if the afco know who I am?
I'm not slating them as they've been nothing but helpful.

I've got an answer from them but wanted to know what people in the fleet might think about my chances rather than the afco.
My guess would be not unless there is a need for chefs on the boats as there is no point training you for the fleet only to have to send you off to get your SMQ. So him/she telling you they don't need any more for the boats looks like a while before the come asking again.


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The point is that there are very few people here who are current, and that the best advice you can get is via the AFCO, who are your chain into the system. I would personally be reluctant to base a life changing decision on the strength of guidance from people on the net.

As for you thinking your personal ID doesnt matter - words fail me.
When I taught SM systems there were a lot of transferees from G/S (this was 7 years ago). My advice would be to go GS, get to sea and if you still want to go SM, volunteer for boats then.


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People may not be current but may have had experience of something similar.

See wreckers post.

As for my personal ID, I dont see the problem in serving members of the navy who work in the afco knowing I'm a member of a navy forum.
But I may be missing something.
Chef(SM) is available if you are willing to wait for an entry date. However, joining general service with the hope of "getting a seat on a boat" is not always a sound option.


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Quite - clearly you know far better than any of us here. I bow before your mighty and all knowing knowledge.[/QUOTE
You could always be like that I suppose.

I have an entry date already drakey,
Since my first dealings it was always "things will move fast as were really short"
Obviously not anymore.

I wouldn't join with an expectation of getting what I ask for, I know better!!


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:)Must admit I'm mildly surprised we've managed to fill our quota of training places for Chef Submariners ahead of General Service Chef training places.

Then again part of me suspects that word gets around and in response to the question "Which job has the shortest wait to join?", the answer 'Chef Submariner' pretty much assures all places are taken. The irony is that many of those eager to join swiftly would probably rather eat their own Devilled Kidneys than do the job. But hey, besides displacing those like the OP who genuinely want the job, how else are we to recruit hacked-off matelots?
I had no issue going from Chef(GS) to Chef(SM) just put the request form in and 3 months later was on the course. It was 1966 so things might be different now. Ooops sorry Cook to Baby Chef.
The Chef (SM) branch seems to be managing alright with regards to manning at the moment. However, the surface fleet are crying out for chefs to join/re-join. There has been a recent recruitment drive to get chefs in/back in. On my previous ship there were 2 SM chefs that has been drafted on as it got that bad.

If you really want to go SM speak to your AFCO and state that you really want to join as SM rather than GS. I would not join up as GS and hope to be able to tranfer over to SM as this could take a few years. With the manning level of GS chefs at moment, manning clearance to go SM would no be granted anytime soon.

Do what you want to do, even if it means waiting on a new joining date. Don't be pushed into something that you're not 100% happy with. This is all to do with manning.

(Recruit test pass mark for GS Chef and SM Chef are the exact same)

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