Demolishing JR's Accomodation at HMS Excellent

Discussion in 'Bases / Shore Est' started by Six_and_a_Half, Jun 11, 2007.

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  1. Six_and_a_Half

    Six_and_a_Half New member

    I've been booked to spend a weekend at HMS King Alfred on the Excellent base in Portsmouth, and was initially to be accomodated in the temporary JR's barracks (F and G Blocks) but this has now changed to Britannia Block at HMS Nelson because apparently the Junior Rate's accomodation onboard Excellent is due for demolition.

    Now I have heard about this before from two rates from HMS Sherwood who were subsequently sent to Britannia, but on the same weekend I was sleeping in G Block. We just assumed that this buzz about demolishment was simply a clerical mistake. Apparently it isn't.

    Does anybody know why and when the block is due to be demolished? I'll concede that the blocks are rather old and could probably do with a refurbishment, but is demolition really neccessary? I'm not all that keen on living in at Nelson, even if only for the weekend!
  2. Karma

    Karma New member

    You might want to review your phrasing there ;)

    It's all part of Single Living Accommodation Modernisation project, cost fir ripping out the innards and completely rebuilding all except the outside wall would be prohibitive since the standard they're being replaced with would require a complete structural redevelopment.

    Don't know the dates though, and at the weekend it's a half hour walk either way.
  3. NoFaultFound

    NoFaultFound Badgeman

    I think you will find that the JR's block is being demolished to make way for the new SR's block which is to be built in the very near future. Plans are available in the current S/Rates mess if you are interested.
  4. NoFaultFound

    NoFaultFound Badgeman

    Work has now started on a new J/Rates Accom block in Excellent. Which is great news apart from the discovery of old artillery shells during digging of the foundations. Turfed out of the mess twice in the last 3 days, bloody gunners.........
  5. OSLO

    OSLO New member

    Maybe they'll discover the legendary pirate treasure that is supposed to be buried beneath those block. Mmhahahahaha
  6. ajoule

    ajoule New member

    Considering the age of the building I would be more worried about them being riddled with asbestos - :eek:mfg:
  7. danny

    danny War Hero

    Have fun with that. Its like a sqwat.

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