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Hi guys im new to here and im looking for some info i went to my nearest Afco today to discuss joining as a Aet i never asked what the waiting times and demand for this role could anyone clarify? Cheers
Also i have been told that i have to wait a year before I can apply due to having a back op (l4/5 Discectomy) is this cut and dry allways a year wait?
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AET is Gods chosen branch so make sure that you contact the Sin Bosun and get him to offer up a prayer or two on your behalf.
I will make arrangements to contact this fellow haha.thanks chaps another question is why can't i do the rt test during this year post op period because given the waiting time of the trade aswell i could take it if i bluff then be able retake it and not lose time if that make sense just seems odd as to why i cant make progress in other non physical areas


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AET is about seven months to join.

As a careers adviser I'm not medically qualified to give definitive advice, but whilst applicants usually have to be 12 months clear of general surgery, I have a feeling that a discectomy could actually significantly affect medical suitability for service for a couple of years according to paragraph 33 (below) - assuming there's no repeat prior or post surgery history. If it is the accepted procedure described, you'll probably also need to produce a training diary to demonstrate full recovery and show there's less chance of recurrence of the injury.


Ok i will take that into account i cant get the pdf to open ill try it on the pad tomorrow. A recovery diary woukd this be provided by the con sultant or would i do that my self?
Would that be logging you daily activities such as work and how physical it is etc? Cheers!
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I found what you linked on the net. If it is referred to a phyisican is it cut and dry 2 years or up to the discretion of the doctor? as im two months post op and im pretty much back to normal i think a year is fair but to wait two years is i think is over kill. The term it used in the document is not mentioned in any of my documents i had a single herniated disc which is now sorted could that work against me or possibly for me?where Also in all this time why could i not take the rt test hopefully passing but if i did not i could retake it and not lose time but if i wait a year or two years then if i fail then that's another year gone. Cheers for taking the time!
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A training diary in support of an application is unlikely to be compiled or kept by a consultant, it's up to the individual whether they produce one, but the stronger the supporting evidence, the better the chance of success. It's up to you what it reflects.

The medical standards for entry are non-negotiable and cannot be appealed unfortunately.

The selection process sequence is usually Recruit Test, Selection Interview, then Medical Examination (followed by the fitness test, security clearance, etc). If the Doc cannot pass the individual fit to enter service, the application is paused at that stage until such time as the medical standards are met and the individual is passed fit.
Thank you for the straight information this leads me on to ask, technically i can apply next year take the rt test then if i do infact have to wait longer how long is the test valid for?


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Thank you for the straight information this leads me on to ask, technically i can apply next year take the rt test then if i do infact have to wait longer how long is the test valid for?
Yep, get the test cracked sooner rather than later. If you underscore, it leaves more 'wriggle-room' to re-take the test if necessary.

The recruit test remains valid three years. Most other selection elements remain valid for one year.


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I don't want to be a party pooper, but the procedure you mentioned - discectomy is likely not to have a good outcome at the medical stage of the process. The fact that you needed spinal surgery at a 'young' age during 'normal' life doesn't transfer to the rigours of Service life at sea. I can assure you that folk with niggly back injuries quickly worsen in Service life.
I hope I am wrong, but experience tells me otherwise - sorry.
Im a tree surgeon or trainee one just finished the course i would consider it pretty hard work infact perhapes more body intensive then what i want to do im pretty much back to normal maybe it was bad luck but i will try and not let it stop me doing something ive been interested for a while . For now im doing a less intensive job but still keeping in good shape whilst im strenghtening my back . From reading the medical requirements a single level discectomy is not considered p8? But the candidate must wait two years post op to apply and provide proof that i can do intensive work. Ive just started working as a offroad tyre fitter so its still pretty heavy stuff ,all i can do is try !


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