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Discussion in 'Site Issues' started by andym, Feb 7, 2007.

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  1. Ok i find this has now become unacceptable!IF a moderator has to delete a thread then i think its only fair and good manners to leave the main body of the post with a Bona Fide reason for deletion!

    To quote Seadog!

    Mod hat on. Andym thinks it appropriate to make argumentative posts on moderation policy in forum and repost them when deleted. If you have an issue Andy, make it by PM in accordance with said moderation policy. Tell your friends.

    Firstly,it wasnt an argumentative post!

    Second,you deleted the post with NO reason given whatsoever!

    Thirdly, the only Issue i have is outlined in the above preamble.

    And Finally,i have no desire to PM you r any of the Moderators,why cant it be done on a thread in here as it IS a site Issue?This tooing an frowing of PMs only serves to fuel suspicions.I am not your Personal Messenger so will not be telling "My freinds" anything!They can read it in an OPEN forum.
    Also by locking the thread in question you have denied me a right of reply!Thats called CENSORSHIP!
  2. Way to kick bum Andy.
  3. Ha …. Should we start a “I`ve been deleted by Seadog†club? - He does seem very trigger happy.
    Mind you Andy - the last one he deleted of mine was a very constructive criticism of your avatar - I mean how the fcuk was I to know Seadog is a Charlie Drake fan.

    Your right not to want to make contact with PMs I tried that with the dabber and was accused of harassment - much to my astonishment.

    I`m surprised you let it get to you though – I thought you was bulletproof. :shock:

  4. well i thought it was time for a Stand.I just felt that i had to reply but was denied that oppertunity as the thread was locked!I must have read summat about Gen Custer today!LOLOr was it The Charge of The Light Brigade?
  5. Talking about MODs there was a post before Christmas which suggested nominations for new MODs would be considered. What happened to all the votes of confidence for Steve (AAC)?
  6. Right on Brother, it is getting a bit common ........
    Come the revolution.
  7. When a thread is deleted it either falls under;

    * Dull
    * Duplicate
    * Causing trouble
    * Breaking OPSEC rules
    * No relevant reason to the original subject
    * Abusive

    Really, to be honest, if a thread is dull, it should be placed into the gash barge. If a post is to be delete, then the Mod of that forum will PM the original topic starter with a reason to why. When a thread has been locked, the Mod in question should place a little explanation to why the thread has been locked until further notice.

    If you can not see why your post has been moved, then please do approach the Mod, who's forum your original topic was in.
  8. wet_blobby

    wet_blobby War Hero Moderator

    quite alot of the forums dont seem to have a mod, what happens with them, do all the mods look after them or no-one?
  9. At the moment, the Gash Barge is Mod'd by all Mods. Those forums without Mods are watched by all but only edited and such by the CO's.

    If any RR member has some one they'd like to place forward and nominate to be that forum's Moderator, then please do PM Bad_CO or any other Mod with the name of that person and a valid reason to why. We will all air this to all Mods for discussion.
  10. I shall just do the whidgy dance to cheer everyone up! :)
  11. Posted: Thu Feb 08, 2007 4:58 pm Post subject: Re: Locking of Threads

    As i refuse to have this "in camera" and dealt with by PM's,i would like to know WHY i was the reason for the closing if the MOD cover up thread!!!!

    I quote Seadog!

    Andym was largely responsible for it being locked last night. His last has been deleted (again).

    As i said before on a different post ,which you have obviously decided to ignore,what were your reasons?Why wont you keep it all in Open Forum?
    And i resent your ABUSE of your postion as a Moderator to delete posts with out even having the bloody good manners to explain WHY!
  12. Oh,and while were on it,why wont you even acknowledege this post?You heve been on site a while now.Its another example of bad manners!
  13. Seadog

    Seadog War Hero Moderator

    Andym wrote

    I was 12 miles from my internet access from 0730 until 1700 today. I have a day job and don't have the time to make > 2000 posts a year like you do (your post count doesn't include those moderators and COs have deleted). Even if I was on 24/7, unless you post in Current Affairs, what possible reason whould I have for looking up your posts first?

    Reasons? This isn't new.

    Current Affairs Moderation Policy

    You can be 'funny', irrelevant, low brow, or angry in Lil's (though even Lil's has standards). Current Affairs isn't your playground. Get over it.
  14. Hot guff!

    Post count is of no concern to me whatsoever!Reset it if it floats your boat!When i access the Internet is not under discussion here,but for what its worth i also work during the day!You STILL havent answered my initial post,even after unlocking the referred thread and unfairly citing me as the cause for the lock down,and YET AGAIN deleting my post with no reason given for doing so!

    unless you post in Current Affairs, what possible reason whould I have for looking up your posts first?

    I am amazed that you see fit not to look at "Site Issues", as a Moderator i would have thought that was also your "part of Ship" as a Moderator!If not may i suggest you do?I am a Co Owner of a site and a Moderator there and its certainly high on my list of priorities.I dont expect you to prioritise MY posts for your reading but at least you might have the good manners to respond to my initial enquiries!
  15. Without wishing to pour oil on troubled waters, but anticipating that's exactly what I may be doing, I offer the following observation.

    Seadog, it appears to me that your 'techniques' for dealing with what you consider inappropriate (in your role as a Mod) have become somewhat heavy handed. While I concede that andym hasn't really followed your guidance so helpfully restated in your post above (via link), I think we can all agree that his intentions are in compliance with the spirit of the last sentence in that link as posted by you - namely offering you suggestions for improving your service.

    Maybe an acknowledgement of a members frustration and a considered response rather than an agressive posture would be more beneficial to all concerned?

    BTW I support andym's contention that pms are not the way ahead for Mods to explain themselves. This is an 'open opinion' site after all, isn't it? I believe pprune operate a very successful policy of Mods informing members in the open on the threads (or even creating new ones) to advise them why things have been locked or even deleted.

    Therefore, I offer to the COs that maybe RR should do this the same way and maybe we can all avoid inflammatory threads which do no-one any good.

    I'll get me coat now.......

  16. I am not rocking the boat for no reason.All i want is a reasoned reply as to WHY my posts were deleted.So far i havent had one!Its that simple.Just quoting forum regs isnt a reply!
  17. sgtpepperband

    sgtpepperband War Hero Moderator Book Reviewer

    Did someone's post get deleted? I never notice... :shock:
  18. chieftiff

    chieftiff War Hero Moderator

    GK that is actually very funny, as I am sure you are aware. The last time the site owner and Moderator on PPRUNE lost his rag didn't he just explode, delete all the threads he wasn't happy with and tell everyone to p*ss off becase it was his site?

    I haven't laughed so much in ages because the guy was very blunt and honest, but certainly not tactfull. E-Goat and ARRSE gained about 100 members that day! I don't think PPRUNE is a good example of moderation policy :lol:
  19. I consider myself rumbled chief! Just trying to offer a practical solution to the mess and encourage people to be civilised to each other. As you know pprune is full of young whippersnappers who have difficulty behaving themselves and I don't want RR to end up going the same way.

  20. chieftiff

    chieftiff War Hero Moderator

    I completely agree GK, I actually think this is by far the better forum, better than PPRUNE, E-Goat and dare I say it ARRSE. We manage to have some very high brow discussion interrupted by humour (as is the Naval way) and plenty of space for us all to get down to our lowest gutter humour (sometimes the best bits) The problem is it is all too easy to get very emotionally inolved in an argument and the internet isn't very good at displaying emotion. It is very easy to assume a certain post is published with an inferred meaning when that is not necessarily so, that's why emoticons were invented, they will never replace the tone of a human voice or the smirk on a face. We are all guilty of it!!!1

    I just think it's sometimes necessary to walk away, count to ten then come back and post ones' opinion. We all seem to be friends again now a day after the event. Seadog does a good job moderating the most emotive forum on this site, one perceived mistake and everyones jumping down his throat telling him how to do his job. Not on in my opinion. :evil:
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