Discussion in 'The Gash Barge' started by Grape_Shot, Aug 5, 2007.

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  2. Re: Simulating shipboard life

    Nothing new here Grape_Shot but amazingly it is always funny.

  3. Re: Simulating shipboard life

    Have dry deck alarms fiitted to all the floors in your house. Scrub out all the rooms from the back of the house to the front in sequence in order to stop them initiating.

    Have all members of the household traipse back and fore over top of the scrubbers wearing steaming bats and muttering sorry gotta get to the mess, sorry just gotta.......sorry just need to....... and tell all householders to totally disregard the scrubbers fingers and ankles and to stamp all over them.

    Walk back and fore several times over top of the scrubbers and when they complain say 'it's ok, I'm a back aft chief tiff and I need to do this because I've only got twelve hours off watch to crack and I can't lay down in my SINGLE rack for twenty minutes because then I wouldn't be able to get in the fcuckin' way!
  4. Re: Simulating shipboard life

    get the wife/girlfriend to talk to you via a bluey, mail drop every 4 weeks (peace)
  5. Do try to keep up Stokes dear, Grape is a Colonial!

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