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Discussion in 'Current Affairs' started by come_the_day, Jul 6, 2006.

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  1. Has my senility taken over at last? I could have sworn I read some comments on the young soldier's case who died as a result of an alleged punishment beasting.

    Mods, has this matter been declared sub judice or something, or are you really denying the opportunity for free speech on this site?
  2. Look towards PTP, drop him a PM regarding this.

    As for deleting some posts, maybe PTP was waiting for more information about this case before letting certain comments go.

  3. Thanks JD

    I don't have a problem with post-deletion, because some are occasionally just offensive. I believe that the topic should be left as a thread, with perhaps a comment from the moderator as to the reason for its suspension.

    I do not want to get into PMs because that destroys the rationale for an open discussion site.
  4. I agree, simple removal without some notification will only result in both muttering about moderators, who in general do a good job with little thanks, and the possibility of more posts requiring yet more moderation.

  5. janner

    janner War Hero Book Reviewer

    I brought this up a while ago, but have had no comment back from the MODS. if a post or thread needs deleting, and it will happen, it should be deleted with a comment from the MOD saying why. But the subject title should be left on the thread.
    I felt that the thread re the beasting was inappropriate and said so, there is little true evidence at this time, we should leave wild accusations to the gutter press (is there any other kind?)
  6. Concur on all counts with you Janner.

  7. Censorship... Sub-Judice... Bad taste... should know better... free speech...


    All good points. I ought to know better with my academic background! As the offending party I wish to plead GUILTY, Sirs!

    Mitigation? Well I thought it was an example of an inability of the army the learn from its mistakes. I do not read the Sun: I got my information from more reliable sources.

    Before I proceed with my comments, I should point out that subsequent information may prove them unfounded - but past experience of the various "investigations" at Deepcut suggest that the details will become increasingly foggy, in practice. But of course Janner had a very good point here.

    By G standards the punishment was MILD, but given current knowledge about heat exhaustion it seems unwise that a junior officer did not defer punishment or devise an alternative, especially as this was an unofficial punishment deemed too trivial to be referred higher up the chain of command.

    I am not unsympathetic to informal punishments as when I was given the option of official naval justice or informal punishment, sadly mostly as a Junior, I always chose the latter, knowing full well that however innocent I might be I'd be found guilty anyway, though of course on many (OK, most) occassions I was guilty :lol:. If I'd sprayed fire extinguisher juice over members of the wardroom at G, I DREAD to think what would have happened to me, especially as they did have a yardarm! I should certainly not have got off so lightly!

    There is more of an issue here because this was informal justice which the army has supposedly banned.

    My rude, disrespectful POLL was unworthy of me however and I do deserve a good twatting for that - though I should also point out that my accent at G was a semi-Rupert accent - or it certainly sounded that way to me compaired to my messmates. :oops: :oops: :oops: :oops: :oops:

    Rant over.


    I'll let you pass sentence, but I would prefer not to be labelled O2 Thief.
  8. Ooooh you have been a naughty boy, I certainly had cotemplated making some comment on this subject too as I do think it is both topical in the light of the incident and a real subject of concern, what ever the facts of this case.

    I accept that for may good reasons moderation is required, and I have no fundamental objection to moderation either. I also would like to thank the moderators for their services because without them we would not be able to use this site. Even so there is an element of both secrecy and heavy handedness that manifests itself from time to time, and this is not good if the site is to prosper. I would therfore suggest the moderators review their policy and advise of the result of their deliberations and then apply a fair and open process to their work.

  9. A label that is easily earned my friend, and you know what? The slimy worm that issued it has yet to own up despite many requests. However, it does make me rather unique don't you think? :roll:
  10. I'd say you were canny unique , Lingyai , something to be proud of . :roll: :twisted:
  11. I certainly does Lingyai. I must admit, when I first encountered it I thought it reflected the number of posts you had sent and wondered when I'd get mine! :lol: I thought it symbolised a matelot sending too many post too quickly and depriving his fellow matelots of air!
  12. Lingyai

    Are you kidding? You must have visited ARRSE and, let's face it, they're Pongos, so ALL oxygen thieves!!
  13. Just thought of a new post, back in a minute....
  14. Just thought I'd better add a bit on this thread:

    1. The thread on the Royal Welch was deleted because the whole thing is still under investigation. It is possible that Pte William's family might be reading this site. It is also possible that they might mistake speculation for informed comment and we definitely do not want to make their bereavement even worse. Journalists may also try and quote us for similar reasons.

    2. Lingyai O2's tag was awarded for a series of remarks that were judged to be offensive by the site mods. Subsequently, I'm informed that he quite likes it and would prefer to keep it!

    3. The whole issue of thread deletion is a bit problematical as making a post as to why it was deleted often causes the whole thing to start up again. Needless to say this doesn't achieve the desired aim!

    4. As always, if you have any complaints the best way to contact the site admin is by email - [email protected].

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