Delayed reply of medical/application forms.

Discussion in 'The Fleet Air Arm' started by JamesSN, Jan 27, 2009.

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  1. Hi RR,
    Just a bit of advice needed.

    Due to being in my final year of compulsory schooling, and therefore sitting my GCSEs this year, the past few months at school have been pretty hectic with a mad rush to get the last pieces of outstanding coursework up to scratch before christmas and then mock examinations straight after which have only just finished last week. Because of this I've delayed sending back the application/medical forms, which I received after passing my psychometric test back in early November, in order for me to fully concentrate on learning the stuff I need to know for the sift interview.

    So I was just wondering if this delay of a few months between receiving the forms and sending them back would send a negative impression to the chaps at the AFCO. Think it's worth me sticking in a letter apolagising and explaining the reasons for the delay in with my forms?

    Thanks in advance for any advice I get.

  2. Yes, but Apologise, would be a better word.

    As an aside, being an old git, what is Compulsory Schooling? Did they make you go?

    Cruel bastards, give me a ring at Sue Grabbit and Run, no win no fee.
  3. Is the 'a' supposed to be upper case? And isn't the word in question supposed to be in aspotrophes?

    To the original question, how long ago was your RT and medical, out of interest?
  4. You are probably correct, Remind me again, what is an aspotrophes?
  5. An 'aspostrophes' is the misspelled version of apostrophes. Apostrophes is the plural of apostrophe.

    EDIT: Your 'R' in 'Reminds' doesn't need to be capitalised. Just sayin'.
  6. The capital A and the capital R, are there purely to stress the point, and the word sayin` should really be saying, without the apostrophe, have a word with your tutor that Mummy is paying for, hate to see grown ups losing hard earned cash.

    Please come back to me in your first language.
  7. One of the uses of apostrophes is to replace a missing letter. For example, "do not" becomes "don't" or "saying" can, believe it or not, become "sayin'". Thank you and good bye.
  8. But there is never any excuse for not speaking English. I will make an exception with your goodself.

    Top tip, try the Army first.
  9. polizal sem pizdo tvoje žene med tem ko te li bilo
  10. Try Latin, or even Chaucer. It is not my purpose to teach you my Mother Tongue. Why not try the Bible, the Old Testament comes to mind. But, WTF does a seventeen year old know that I have not heard before?

    Regards from a seventy year old git..
  11. No thanks, I don't want to speak Latin.
    Chaucer? Isn't that an old, dead dialect of French?

    I'm happy with English and Slovene.

    The bible? I stopped reading fairytales about 12 years ago.
  12. Nah... I'm sure Apostrophes was the Greek god of grammar - probably son of Zeus - and so therefore does merit the capital A...! Honest.
  13. Wow this post has certainly gone off track.
    Anyway, back to your question. A quick phonecall to the AFCO explaning your situation should clear up any worries that you have. They will understand that you have not been in a position to continue with your applicaiton due to education. I'm a bit confused about the "application" form that you were give after the RT. This should have been done at the start of the process in order to establish your eligibiliy for the recruitment process. !!
  14. Medical I've not taken yet, have only had my eye test thus far and that was in November, along with my RT test.

    Should have made clear which forms they were I suppose. The application form that I will be sending off along with my medical forms is, "Application For a Commission in the Naval Service SUPPLEMENT TO AFCO FORM 4" and then questionnaire called, " Security Check (SC) \ Counter Terrorist Check (CTC) Questionnaire".
  15. sgtpepperband

    sgtpepperband War Hero Moderator Book Reviewer

    And that just about sums up your attitude... why bother coming on here if you cannot answer the question? It is not helpful to the poster, who is merely asking for advice. Keep your out-of-date cynicism to the appropriate thread (or website) :roll:

    Pity you don't behave like one! Respect for our elders? It's a two-way street, shippers... :?

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