Degree vs. Joining after A Levels


Hi all,

Just wondering out of interest what you think the pros and cons are for getting a degree as opposed to joining upon completion of A Levels? I have just finished my AS Levels (I got an A in Maths and Geography, C in Physics and a D in Spanish) and I am about to start my A2 Levels in a few weeks.

As for my application, I have completed my RT for a Warfare Officer and I am going to do my Medical next. I intend to apply for a standard university bursary and join the local URNU. I got told by my ACLO that which degree I get doesn't matter so I want to study Marine Geography at Cardiff University, which surprisingly contains modules that I think would come in useful for my future career in the RN.

So basically, I am pretty certain that I want to go to Uni first and then attend BRNC (If I make the cut!) but would just like some advice from others?

Thanks if anyone can help!


I was in a similar position, in as much as I wasn't sure whether or not to go to uni first. I chose uni simply because, however keen you are now, it's impossible to know in advance that the navy is right for you, and indeed that you are right for the navy. If only for the security of a degree as a fall-back, therefore, I think it can be worthwhile. That apart, I really don't see there's much difference. The RN has a foundation degree scheme for warfare and logistics (which you could extend to a bachelor's), so joining now shouldn't stop you getting a degree if that's what you want. You can read about it the scheme here: Publications/BR 3/br3book/an96k.pdf

Only you can decide what you want to do, though!