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Discussion in 'Joining Up - Royal Navy Recruiting' started by Marshmallow, Apr 25, 2012.

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  1. I have decided that I want to go to uni before joining the navy and I am not sure what degree I want to do. I now want to go to uni because its something to fall back on, it is good for 'character building' and its something I want to experience. So basically my question is; does it matter what degree you get? I am thinking about Geography at the moment, but not really sure! And does it matter what University you go to? Extra Info: Also, if it helps I intend to apply for a uni scholarship as well (even though there are not many going!) And in my January AS exams I got an A (96%) in maths and geography but cocked up in my physics and got a D which I am retaking in a few weeks while I do my summer exams. Thanks in advance!P.S: This has probably been covered but I haven't posted in ages and haven't looked at the forums in a while!
  2. Do you have any particular Unis in mind, M?
  3. Short answer is almost certainly no, it doesn't matter that much to the Navy. Geography is probably as good as most. You say you want to go Uni for character building and life skills etc and something you might be able to fall back on later. I know Warfare Officers with all sorts of degrees. You might possibly want to think about a degree that may have some bearing on a Warfare Officer's career, but I don't neccessarily think it would give you any kind of edge in the selection process. I have an engineering degree and I would argue that an understanding of engineering has helped me out from time to time, but you should probably go for what you would do if you weren't going to join the RN, then if you don't join you will be on track anyway. Just my ideas - please don't change your life because of what I have said.
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  4. PS - How can you get 96% in maths and screw up Physics?
  5. Have you considered taking a degree in English language?
  6. Guns

    Guns War Hero Moderator

    If you want a useful degree for the future get one in Information Systems, Computer Modelling, Information Assurance or other IS related subjects - cyber security stuff would be OK. Trust me the future PWO will have to be comfortable in the Information Domain if they are to survive.

    Trust me I am a PWO(CIS) - honest as the day is long.
  7. Every day's a school day, I thought you were a steward!
  8. I'm going for Warfare Officer as well and I'm currently at Uni studying History and International Relations for precisely the reasons you mentioned. I was told by the ACLO that I saw that the degree doesn't matter, what matters is the extra activities you do that demonstrate your leadership skills at uni.
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    Guns War Hero Moderator

    "Beef sir?"

    "no just like pink shirts"
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  10. My initial thoughts would be -- have a look at the specialisations of Warfare and see if you fancy any of them.

    For example, you can do degrees in Meterology and Oceanography (as well as apply for a bursary for the RN to pay for them and be a M+O Officer) or Aviation technology (Flight Controller/any kind of pilot-observer). This degree won't make you have to specialise in that when you make it down the pipeline (unless you DO get a bursary!), but if you DO choose that specialisation, you will have a clear advantage over your fellow equally-qualified-warfare officers. It's worth mentioning i've heard foreign language studies go down well for warfare applicants.

    Failing tailoring a degree to your RN aspirations, I would suggest you stick to the sciences. My reasoning for this is simple -- a traditional science will teach you how to think in a certain logical and efficient manner that isn't just useful for the RN, but recognised in most jobs and will leave you many more option open post-degree than a less traditional arts course. Either way, a degree that makes you work hard somewhat will positively impact your work ethic and develop you as a person a lot more than a doss-degree.

    Oh and don't worry about the physics, I got a D for my physics AS and above 90 average for Maths too -- work hard and you'll pick it up again next year. ;)

    Far more important whilst studying than WHAT you're studying though -- join 2-3 societies (preferably sporty ones) and get involved/go for commity positions the following years etc. Remember, Officers are leaders so you need examples of times you've put yourself forward and led in your civilian life for AIB and so on (plus this is also gold for interviews post-degree if the RN isn't the direction you want after all).
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  11. Ninja_Stoker

    Ninja_Stoker War Hero Moderator

    One thing worth bearing in mind for those intending joining as an Officer after April 2013 - graduates & non-grads will join on the same rate of pay with no seniority awarded with relation to qualifications held.

    In other words:

    £84,571 earned, three years seniority & experience acquired Versus three years older, a degree & £30-£40K debt.
  12. Do a degree in a subject you enjoy. Three years of your life is a long time to spend doing something you hate. Try and find a University with a connection to an URNU; if you join that you will also get a sense if RN life is for you plus it was stand you in good stead for the RN.

    But, regardless, enjoy being a student.
  13. @Soleil: I am thinking Bristol or Cardiff, because they look good, they are quite respected universities and I will be able to sail, which would be good for the navy! (Plus I sail a lot!) Also, I am probably going to apply for Oxbridge just to see if I could get in!

    @Sep86: Yeah I think I'll just do something I am going to enjoy, no point wasting 3 years doing something I hate! And I got my physics paper back and made some pretty stupid mistakes! So I am going to retake in a few weeks and I should get an A.

    @Finknottle: I hate English!

    Tomahawk: Thanks, yeah I'll make sure I do loads of extra-curricular stuff to stand out!!

    @jc103: I have looked into the specialisations a bit and nothing really stands out to me at the moment but I guess that may change in the future. Thanks about the physics, I am retaking!
  14. @Ninja Stoker: Dam that kind of puts a dent in my plans a bit because part of the justification of going to university was because I would be entering on a higher pay. Do you know why they have done this?

    @Navy1: Yeah I definitely planing on doing something I enjoy. Also when I went to the AFCO they said about the URNU and it sounds pretty good. I'm going to look into it a bit more after my exams!

    @SJRM RN: I did look into it but I am not sure engineering is really my thing, because although Maths is definitely my strong point, I a not really into physics/engineering at college. Also I don't know whether this is true but I don't want to limit how far I can go and I this might sound over ambitious but I really do want to get to the top! Meaning Captain (Yes I know its extremely hard) So I think a warfare officer is the best route for this?
  15. All of the unis you have mentioned have University Royal Naval Units, which would be worth considering.
  16. It is a change introduced in the Armed Forces Pay Review Body Report 2011/2012 which was issued recently:

    Chapter 3

    Comes into effect next April.
  17. Does anyone know the likelihood of me obtaining a bursary? The AFCO said that they are very hard to come by? Also, how do you go about applying for one?

    So many questions.....
  18. What a strange coincidence - So does he!
  19. The mind boggles BOOTWU. :)
  20. Wondering what would happen if I called my Career manager and asked for £12k to branch change??!!

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