DefPro News: "U.K. F-35 Fleet Increases Capability At Eglin AFB"


NWF Daily News 23 Nov 2012 said:

Lt Cdr Ian Tidball of the Royal Navy discusses the F-35 program
during a recent interview at Eglin Air Force Base

EGLIN AFB — Last week, the first two United Kingdom pilots started training to fly the F-35.

They join an elite rank. Only 30 pilots in the world have been or are in the process of training to fly the new stealth fighter jet, which is still in testing phases.

“It’s an amazing, once-in-a-lifetime opportunity,” said Royal Air Force squadron leader Franki Buchler, one of the two pilots. “I feel very privileged and lucky. I hope I do the aircraft and the Air Force justice.”

Buchler and fellow pilot, Royal Navy Lt. Cdr. Ian Tidball, have joined the U.S. Marines Fighter Attack Training Squadron 501, which is conducting initial training and instruction on the F-35B at Eglin Air Force Base...