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Definitely not Wet And F***ing Useless!


Lantern Swinger

You mean Eric Brown - the FAMOUS test pilot and author ?

Or do you mean "Robert Hardman" sensationalist idiot ?



War Hero
Many of us old & bold Wafus know him.
He was captain of HMS Fulmer (RNAS Lossiemouth) in 1967.
One of lifes gentlemen


War Hero
Book Reviewer
One of his exploits was testing the experimental rubber deck fitted to the Light Fleet HMS Warrior, by doing a wheels-up landing in a Vampire. The idea didn't catch on as the aircraft has to be put back on its wheels before it can go anywhere again, one would have thought that would have been anticipated before that daft idea reached the stage of an expensive trial. But the idea of having to try this out would scare the pants off a normal mortal. What a man.


War Hero
How come I have never hear of him before?


Definitely not a spitfire either:

Spotter. ( Me too)

Hardman's script re Irma Grese is in error. She wasn't the Commandant at Belsen and she wasn't hung until she'd been tried, some seven months after the end of the war. A beast.

Captain Brown however, what an officer, what a man.


War Hero

It gets worse - I wasn't aware that Mosquitos were modified for use on carriers. Turns out they had souped-up engines, 4 blade props, beefed-up undercarriage and were shipped out to Oz. Sadly, never flown operationally in anger.
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