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deffinately Tea and medals chaps?

Not even gonna bother with a funny on this one, good effort from royal.
Kill em, kill em all! Taliban scrotes.


War Hero
Should never have happened!It could just as easily be a report about their demise.wheres the backup when you need it!a few A10's would have been there in a trice if they had been spam troops!


War Hero
+1 with Andy, but hey, well done to those guys. Just shows how bloody good they are. Just think of the damage if they had one Jack with a gun as well. :)
One can only expect the best from the best.

Could have gone pear shaped like so many other tales out there then lessons have been learned crap appears.

Those guys deserve a good piss up. Good show my man!!


War Hero
Should go without saying that these guys are definitely the best. I agree with many of the above in that it's a situation that should have been avoided but it's not always possible to do so. I don't believe for a minute that they would have been sent out as such a small group without additional support if an attack of this magnitude was anticipated.

Oh, and another thing, what is our "ally" Pakistan doing about these "mercenaries" then? Bit more border security on their part might help or are they too busy sabre rattling with India?


stabradop, a very difficult terrain in which to set up adequate border security. I also think that our security services should be very cautious about sharing intel with the Pakistani security services as I very much doubt if they are leak proof.
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