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i passed my RT 2 months back, have been told there is an 18 month waiting list for my selected branch (MA), i still have a year to go at uni but due to the waiting lists increasing thought i was best applying now, which my AFCO also advised, only query is really, if the waiting list was to reduce (pigs might fly)and i was called forward before i had finished my degree would i be able to delay entry or would it simply be a case of its now or back of the que?

thanks for any advice you can give me


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It's not that difficult a call to be honest - keep all options open.

Your best bet is to crack on with Uni & keep your options open with regard an entry date. If a short notice place occurs (through cancellation) & you are offered it, evaluate your options at the time & simply give a swift yes/no to the offer, within 24 hours, so someone else may benefit an early entry date with the maximum amount of notice.

If you are offered a cancellation place &n don't take it, you will simply be allocated a standard entry date in due course, based on the time you have been waiting rather than being shifted (unfairly) to the back of the queue.

If you are within a year of graduation, common sense would suggest you'd be better off graduating before joining.
Yeah thats what i thought ninja stoker, it probably wont matter thought to be honest, just wanted to double check,

thanks again for your advice

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