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Deferred start date


Originally i was supposed to start at HMS Raleigh on the 9th Nov (i did post in another thread but after posting i realised my date wasn't official.) As i am still waiting a response from SC so of course everything is on hold until that happens.
The start date got delayed by two weeks as i passed a test on the education assessment which nicely gave me some more time for the SC, sadly today i have been deferred entry until next summer as we are still pending the SC. When contacted they said covid and being behind as well meant a large delay.

Of course people walk all sorts of lives and some will fly through, i was a disruptive child and brushed with the law in my early teens maybe this has delayed things, no idea. but its more a cautionary tail for those joining now, that with Covid things are a lot slower than usual.

Just a bit of a kick in the teeth, on a more positive note, it is only a deferral and not a rejection.

Edit: This is not a complaint or moan at all, i understand how hard NSV are working in these times, im just feeling very much at a loss right now, i was hoping for this by the end of the month as i have just lost my other job to Covid, so this adventure was perfectly timed. just the way life can be :)
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How long have you been waiting for the SC to be processed. I'm due to start in Jan and my SC is the only thing outstanding. Fingers crossed the process speeds up a bit!
I’m in the same boat, January start with SC submitted in September time and I’m starting to flap a bit. I’m lucky in the fact that I can keep my current job as long as I need it but there’s all sorts of other things to consider like rental property leases etc.
Does anyone out there have any gen on how long they’re currently taking?
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