Defending your own home

Discussion in 'The Gash Barge' started by Taloolah, Jun 29, 2011.

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  1. About fucking time. Kenneth Clark,a man from Thatcher's era in government has the balls to speak out for ordinary citizens......rights to defend one's own home without prosecution finally recognised.

    It's the Old School at it's best,a tiny glimmer of backbone from fifteen years of parched-earth desert of political manhood. It's enough to make you weep.:glasses9:
  2. Fuckin hell it aint working for Gadaffi
  3. I fully agree, time to get out the faithfull oilstone.
  4. It's always been the case...using "reasonable force"..the Police, PPS and finally the courts will decide if the amount of force you used was reasonable.......if a 7 stone 5'2" 17 year old youth is trying to rob your house, beating him to death with a cricket bat, however deserving, is not reasonable force.....This is merely a daft old codger who should have left politics years ago, trying to appear all tough and radical to deflect the criticism for his last halfwitted idea.
  5. How about beating him to within an inch of his life and telling plod your 7 year old daughter did it?
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  6. Just pull out your Glock and shoot em. if they are in your house, fair game. Cops here will even thank you!

    That's actually illegal in Britain.
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  8. And most civilised countries
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  9. No, they won't. (Sou Sachin? Keira S. Earhart? Roger Eugene Wade?) You get arrested same as you do here.

    Keep dreaming, retard.
  10. There is a self-defense killing every couple of weeks here in Houston. Depending on the circumstance there are occasions where the police won't even press for a prosecution. The most bizarre case was a guy named Joe Horn down the road in Pasadena. Two burglars who had burgled his neighbor's house were leaving his neighbor's property when good ol' Joe shot them both in the back on his neighbor's lawn. The police were disturbed enough by the killings to refer the case to a Grand Jury but the Jury refused to approve prosecution. Joe walked and became a minor celebrity.

    The local Tea Partiers, red-necks and assorted mouth-breathers went wild with joy and the number of CCW (concealed carry permit) applications went through the roof.

    Meanwhile over in Baton Rouge some old dear has just wasted a 'burglar' who was rattling her front door. She fired through the door and topped her next door neighbor who had Alzheimer's and had mistaken her house for his own. No prosecution.

    We won't dwell too much on the guy who heard a burglar sneaking round his house and shot and killed his 18 year old son who had popped back home from University to surprise his dad on his birthday and was trying not to wake the household up.

    The stories are endless, but a quick trip down to the local pistol range will reveal the strangest bunch of retards that you will ever see punching holes in targets [and the gravel.. and the roof...... and occasionally the guy standing next to them]

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  11. Bergen I agree. on your quote.

    Sounds like the perfect place for a wannabee smarty pants like you eh MLP
  12. There are enough slack jawed, inbred retards here in Cornwall, I wouldn't be able to handle a country with 310,000,000 of them plus you.
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  13. pop down the the Bees knees and gob off , gobshite , yahooooooooooooooo
  14. I can gob off anywhere I like down here, the Cornish don't have enough fingers to make a fist.
  15. I think you'll find they have one extra per hand.
  16. Gosh how brave typing in the safety of your cabin behind a security fence, what a man.
  17. I can feel the love.
  18. Well they did bring in the three strikes and you're out, but the judges being a law unto themselves seem to have back burnered the idea, and burglary is now almost decriminalized in the investigation pecking order.
  19. Well I'm hardly going to go out there am I? It's full of toothless trisomy 21 freaks who only survive by fucking each other's hideously mishapen forms to create ever more mutated offspring. One can only assume it is a bizarre government experiment to see if mass consanguineous relationships develop some kind of super fuckwit army.

    I went to Sainsbury yesterday and it was like Dawn of the Dead. That's if zombies all looked like this:


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