Defending Western values?

Discussion in 'Current Affairs' started by Always_a_Civvy, Mar 9, 2007.

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  1. Attached is a link to a thought provking article in the Times religion section discussion one woman's perception of Islam grounded in her personal experiences of life in Afganistan. In it she makes the case for the West to defend its values and not be cowed into appeasing those who cry "Islamophobia" when their opinions are subjected to any criticism or challenged in any way. She argues, rightly in my opinion, that this is a necessary corollary to creating a climate within the Muslim Uelema whereby discussion can occur an a Muslim Reformation arise. See what you think.
  2. Another interesting acknowledgement that the great multicultural experiment is likely to end in tears. Society will, no doubt, continue to reinforce failure to the point where we can no longer have any effect on events. I see a fine balance, though, between drawing a line under acceptability in one's own country and meddling in the internal affairs of another; well overtly anyway.
  3. An interesting read and one which doesn't actually reveal too many new facts. It serves only to highlight issues which have been about for years. Remember when we went into Afghanistan in the beginning; the treatment of women by the Taliban was big news and a regular feature and our entry into that country was to achieve so much for their rights. More recently it has slipped to the middle pages of the papers or doesn't appear at all.

    I especially liked the comment from Bill Peter having his say about the article (shown below the article). "Islam is not the problem - people are". How very true. So many use religion as the basis to conquer the minds, spirits and lands of others. We did it ourselves for centuries but it makes you wonder just how well off we all might be if religion, on the whole, was outlawed.

  4. Very interesting, and I agree but for it to work we will need to make sure that we do have the moral highground: ie stop supporting torture (Uzbekistan), brutal dictatorships etc. Otherwise we will be seen by the Muslim world as hipocrites (can't remember how ot spell that!) .
  5. I can see an "It's all about Islam" category being created soon.
  6. You're offering then PTP? :roll:

  7. It gets to be a bloody grind when posters insist on posting as many "Them bleedin' Muslim" stories as they can find. They add virtually nothing, and invariably end as the same blasted circle-jerk , as posters find new ways to say the same damn thing.

    Much easier to lump them together. It gets particularly obvious, when stories are posted while the Daily Hate and others are padding out slow news weeks.

  8. I'm not anti-Muslim PTP. I posted it to present a different perspective and to show that there are Muslims who seek change. I am aware of many Muslim academics (mainly living in more liberal Egypt) who advocate a more liberal Islam and a move towards Islamic secularism. Indeed I am going to hear a speaker on this very topic (and another from Ekklesia) next Wednesday afternoon, just before the London Run. These changes cannot however take place if the West continues to appease the militant and unrepresentative fundamentalist elite. For example in contemporary Iran most of the population were born after the 79 Revolution, and many harbour social ideas that differ substantially from those commanding the political hights. In the longer term the theologians hold on power is unsustainable and therefore discourse within the Islamic community is both timely and necessary.

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