Defence Select Committee Report, SDSR and NSS ( Merged Threads)

Discussion in 'Current Affairs' started by Naval_Gazer, Aug 3, 2011.

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  1. Main conclusions and recommendations here. Worth reading in full but these highlights particularly concern the RN:

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  3. Thanks Sol.. Puts everything into perspective, Colonel Houghton batting for the "Two" carrier capability and Admiral Brand suggestions about the arrestor and cat options. Its a pity that in the elected government we don't seem to have anyone with any credible military service capable of the broader picture, just a motley bunch of self serving syncophants. No wonder the defence of this country is in such a state.
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    Indeed, there is no Churchillian figure who has a grand/military strategic view or is capable of one. However there is no shortage of punters in and out of the services who also don't understand the concept of strategic shocks that can sneak up and bite us faster than we can (re)generate a capability to counter them. Such shocks need not be military but may still require a military response.

    Having said all that, Defence and UKPLC is skint but in a world that is demonstrably uncertain, changing and filling up fast benefit scroungers would be the first to feel the pinch, not Defence.
  5. I am totally at a loss with the whole defence, finance and government thing.

    It appears to my simple mind that the wars/conflicts we are conducting away from our shores are crippling us financially as a nation.

    In days of yor when we waged world war, bombs, bullets and deliver systems had a fiscal value far less than those of todays. Today the weapon platforms we are using, someone quoted a Tornado being £136 million, dropping payloads that are in the millions onto countries we are not officially at war with.

    In my day the unsophisticated weapon I was trained to deliver was a mere £37,000, compare that with a Sea Skua or similar smart weapon of the current age and we get an idea of where our money is going.

    Even with inflation, the differential of cost of war machines between the 1940's and today is astronomically disproportional.

    No wonder we are in the mess we are in.

    Common sense would surely dictate we back off, gain some financial advantage. Both in terms of military and civil assets. Get the economy back on keel and then lets look at become world police again.

    Whilst the UK and USA continue with the current path, China and India sit by and watch, waiting to pick up trade and wealth on the back of our decline.

    Just my ramblings as a resident of the country that is looking disaster in the face. Cuts- cuts - cuts!!!

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