Defence Secretary Resigns


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A good vacancy for Richard Drax, MP for South Dorset Ex Army and Ex Journo (TV) so not the usual career politician, also a wealthy man so maybe in a position to be his own man.
Not the best of stories for our Defence Department but reassuring to hear that the honourable thing to do was done, most rare in political circles nowadays.

His resignation is 'specially piquant if it is to believed that he was the same person who recently carpeted the 1st Sea Lord (?) over the unsatisfactory VIGILANT ermm, situation(s)


I wonder whether he walked or was shoved, the current allegations are not great but I don't think they would collapse a career?

I wonder if his party knows something we don't...? :rolleyes:

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Yes, no doubt Her Majesties Armed Forces will be blessed with another equally ineffective and incompetent "jerk off".

He or she will need to be exceptionally useless to be more ineffective than those of recent years. Like Noel Coward said referring to the London Store--
A bit more Marshall and a little less Snelgrove

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