Defence Review

Based on one of my favourite poems "The Lay of the last signalman" here is my version on "The lay of the last Sailor"

On a deeply rusted quarterdeck where the last dabber stands

with a frayed and tired hawser hanging idly in his hands

his jargon is half forgotten, his stock and trade bereft

He wonders what's ahead of him, there's no Royal Navy left.

The proud ships of his beloved Navy have vanished one by one

The Campbeltown, the Cumberland and Ark Royal have all gone,

and he hears there's more to follow in the final defence review

The Chatham, Cornwall and Bayleaf to name just a few.

The Navy's haemorrhaging ships during Cameron's cutback spree

and there's plenty of room in the dockyards where our ships used to be.

and the sailor wanders aimlessly through this lunatic array

because behind every ghost like bollard there's an accountant in his way.

The dedicated, loyal and jolly sailor is now rendered obsolete

by the financially driven civilians that now run our beloved fleet.

and we hear our enemies rub their hands for some are pretty sore

so they prepare themselves again for another Falklands War.

Cos mark my words my friends the time will surely come

When we have to deploy globally and government stands dumb

Why did we let it happen, why did we vote in the source

and enable David Cameron to reduce us to a coastal defence force.

CPO Andy Makin

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