Defence results of Underfunding



How Jock Stirrup has the audacity to make those comments is beyond me.

After saying there didn't need to be an uplift in troop numbers in 2007, then claiming everything was under control. Then changing his mind and deciding there is no military solution. Ignoring the requirement and requests for more airframes.

The anus was too busy feathering his nest with the previous government to deal with Herrick and Telic in the correct manner.

What a total clown. Everything I hate about crabs, right there.
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He is like the majority of those twats who keep their gobs shut while in office then spout off when they are sitting back pretty with a pension we could only dream about.
Just finished watching that programme. I agree with MLP 100%.

I know that in any piece of journalism there will be a slant on the story. But for me that programme just confirms what we all suspected - those at the top were denying that were we under-resourced, meanwhile the lads on the ground were being annihilated. And for what?

And that **** has the audacity to speak out now???

I am so angry.


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What gets me is the way they earn respect for 'speaking out' against the system - the system they helped to keep in place. Once they have milked it dry of every last benefit and medal and award they can, they then turn round and call it a scandal.
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