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Discussion in 'Royal Naval Reserve (RNR)' started by heyheysb, Mar 10, 2013.

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  1. Through this forum I would like to draw your attention to the Defence Privilege Card. Members of the Armed Forces and veterans both regular and reserve can for a small fee apply for this card. Please see link giving more information:

    I have already made considerable savings using this card including 10% discount on all purchases at Iceland, 20% discount for dry cleaning and the purchase of a Homebase 700 pounds gift card for 651 pounds.

    The Defence Privilege Card supports the Armed Forces Community Covenant and I commend it to you.
  2. Or you could use your ID card or veterans badge and save yourself a fiver.
  3. The Vets badge doesn't do much for discounts Monty in mine and others experience. My brother has one of these new cards and has had obviously had more success in getting discount.
  4. I was wondering about this. I assume that ur navy ID wont get u the same discounts?
  5. I'll stand corrected on the veterans badge then, although I have seen them used to get discounts at KFC. If you look at the retailers on that site though, they are all places that discount with your MOD 90 anyway. They're all (and more) on Rewardsforforces.

    If you have an ID card you don't need their card.
  6. My understanding is that you need the Defence Privilege Card for some of the discounts - i.e. to apply for the Iceland Discount Card of 10% on all purchases.
  7. Ah, right now I see. There are extra discounts associated with buying the card. As with:

    Rewards For Forces - discounts for the forces community

    All the good ones are free though.
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  8. It's a good thing for Spouses and Vets in my opinion, but agree about the MOD90
  9. Looked at it quite closely, can not see any benefit to me at all. shopping around would get you better discounts in most cases.
  10. It depends on what you spend your money on. For instance you can get a 3.5% discount on all purchases at Asda. So for example if you spend say 30 pounds per week which equals 1560 pounds per year a 3.5% discount will give you a saving of 54.60 pounds. To get this discount you buy a gift card up front - some of which are reloadable. For example if you wish to buy a Asda 100 pounds gift card, you pay 96.50 pounds. If you do not shop at Asda - discounts are offered by Sainsburys, Morrisons and Marks and Spencer.

    Apologies for not using the pounds sign but I cannot easily find it on my laptop!
  11. I think you need a new laptop. There's a discount card to get a new one I believe?
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