Defence Management: "Plans For 11,000 Redundancies Unveiled"

Discussion in 'Current Affairs' started by soleil, Mar 1, 2011.

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  1. Ouch. The unemployment figures are terifying enough as it is and competition for jobs is skyhigh......this is just gonna make it far worse.
  2. The figures are wrong in this report as the RN and RAF are both to lose 5000 each and the Army are due to lose 10,000 by 2015 at the latest. The RN as already issued it's policy on how and when people will have the chance to apply for redundancy

  3. The RN has also stated which branches WILL NOT be included in the redundancies.
  4. Where can i find this information? Or do you know what branches?
  5. It's contained in 'Galaxy Message 29-2010'. PM an email address and I'll fire it off to you.
  6. Infact looking at the Galaxy note I see no classification, so below is the list of ranks/branches. If you want a full copy drop me your email address:

    Cadres Excluded from Redundancy Programme
    The following cadres as qualified on 1 Apr 11, will not be considered for redundancy during this programme:

    Ratings/Other Ranks
    · Warfare GS
    o MW (all ranks)
    o SEA (all ranks)
    o SR / HM(H) (all ranks)
    o Diver (all ranks)
    o ETS (all ranks)
    o WA (all ranks)
    o AB1 WS with 4 years or less Length Of Service
    o LH WS (EW, AWW, AWT, UW)

    · Warfare SM
    o AB1 WS (CISSM, SSM, TSM) with 4 years or less Length Of Service
    o All LH WS (CISSM, SSM, TSM))

    · Warfare FAA
    o ACMN (ASW) (all ranks)
    o ACMN (CDO) (all ranks)
    o AB1 and LH NA(AC)
    · Warfare GS
    o Lt and below

    · Warfare SM
    o SM qualified Lt and below

    · Warfare FAA
    o QHI current within 6 years on Merlin, Lynx or Seaking 4
    o QOI current within 6 years on Merlin, Lynx or SK 7
    o RW Pilots and Observers within return of service for initial flying training
    · Engineer GS
    o AB1 ( ET(ME), ET(WE) ) with 5 years or less Length Of Service
    o LH ( ET(ME), ET(WE) & MEM(L) )
    · Engineer SM
    o LH WESM & MESM (all sub specs)
    o All Cat A2 and Cat B MESM Nuclear watchkeepers
    · Engineer FAA
    o LH ( AET(Av), AET(L), AET(M) & AET(R))

    · Engineer GS
    o WEGS Lt and below

    · Engineer SM
    o MESM Lt Cdr and below
    o WESM Lt and below

    · Logistics GS
    o FS
    o AB1 (Ch, Std, Wtr & SC) with 7 years or less Length Of Service
    o LH (Ch, Std, Wtr & SC) serving on OE1 / FC

    · Logistics SM
    o AB1 / LH / PO (Ch(SM), Std(SM), Wtr(SM) & SC(SM))
    · Logistics SM
    o All SM qualified Lts

    · Medical GS
    o DHY (all ranks)
    o DN (all ranks)
    o MA (CDO) (all ranks)
    o MA(ODP) (all ranks)
    o MT (all sub spec) (all ranks)
    o AB1 MA with 9 years or less Length Of Service

    · Medical SM
    o MA(SM)2 (all ranks)

    · QARNNS
    o CC, Infection C, ITU, MH, OT, Surg & T&O (all ranks)

    · All Royal Marines GS, BS, SF (all ranks)
    · Royal Marines Officers non-aircrew Major and below

  7. Seems obvious to me that the MOD don't want lifers any more; it's the same with a lot of private enterprises.
    Hire 'em, work them to death and they'll leave after about 3 years. If it works there's no problem with pensions etc.. and employees acruing higher salaries as they progress.
    It's an old thing which is tried every now and then, and always fails, always.
    Then the same old roundabout starts off again.
  8. Couldn't agree more, I'm expecting the worse, done almost 28 years, have had 2 x 2OE(5) taking me until 2017, if they don't get enough volunteers at my rank & branch I wouldn't be surprised if I get an email or should it be letter!
  9. Now the RN is down to a handful of ships there should be no reason to keep the "Barrack stantions" of the RN so get shut of em all get a wonderful certificate on release from the RN it looked like it was written by a 6 year old child ...worth every minute of my 24 years service ...not!

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