Defence Management: "40 Commando Get Sharpshooter Rifle"


War Hero
Montigny-La-Palisse said:
Cue the cold war warriors and their SLR v peashooter rants.

I think we should get some of these: Best gat ever
Perish the thought, no one likes a smart arrse who says "told you so" :wink:

None of those cold war warriors would know what they're talking about anyway, not as if they'd have had any experience of a 5.56 round, no siree, even people like the M&AW Cadre wouldn't of used it in M16s at Top Malo house and been abit miffed at the lack of stopping power. No, best they just keep quiet on this one and rejoice in the fact that today's generation has just re-invented the wheel. Congratulations lads, what's next V shaped hulls for vehicles?

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