Defence Journal: "The SDSR: A Crossroads For The Royal Navy"


Re: Defence Journal: "The SDSR: A Crossroads For The Royal N

That actually makes me feel somewhat better about my future and does make a lot of sense.

I think all this negative press about massive job cuts and the like has got quite a few people spooked, despite most of it being typical media hype at present.

I guess time will tell.


What he completely misses though is the "too few" platforms" was not the intent of the programme(s). Was the number of T45s not cut time and again from 12 to 6 (Was the A class not originally also supposed to be 12?). He is correct about asymmetric warfare but surely the answer is to provide close in protection in the form of heavily armed(probably automated weaponry) light patrol ships of some description? ISTR that the Soviet AL ASM threat was never effectively countered by SAMs and it is the same issue with 20 fast, HE laden boats attacking RN ships in confined waters.


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