Defence Gateway.

The defence gateway has been up and running for a few months now and I am interested to know what peoples thoughts are.

Personally I'm finding that I'm missing information as this is just yet another communications medium to check in an already busy life.

I receive probably 50+ emails a day at work, plus around 10 in my civvie email I have a dii account to check plus the email address used by the unit for recruitment.
Add this to my personal mobile, work mobile, RNR mobile, facebook etc it's just yet another thing I need to check on a regular basis.

Info coming out on civvie email worked, people checked them as a matter of course as part of their daily life. It may seem like an easy thing to do to log in now and again to check it but alongside everything else it ends up taking a back seat because everything else just lands in your lap.

Nice idea in principle but in practice it doesnt seem to fit. I know that other people at our unit are missing things because of this.


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I think it is fantastic because it is a communications medium I didn't have access to before. The sheer scale of opportunities being published that I just wasn't seeing before is immense. The search seems impressive - and far better than RN email.
Groups, especially closed groups, are a far more effective way of organising things than email dist lists. Especially as junior officer the difference between having access to old discussions rather than someone having to dig out the last email chain is fantastic.

Jive (as a company) is an awful lot better than many of the platforms civvy companies use. Is it perfect? No, but I'd hate to go back to not having it.
I had heard DG could be accessed on a mobile app - is this the case?

Problem for me is having no remote access and being required to haul to unit to access.
Trehorne, I feel your pain. DGW is not perfect, and there are issues with the rapid change over to doing business on it.
However there are a few things you can do that will ease the pain. Like the 3 or 4 key pages for your unit, and follow them. Also look at auto forwarding the DGW emails to your civvie/work email. This will then give you an alert on your mobile etc when ever something is posted. You can also read most of the post and quickly decide if you need to log on to DGW to read the full article.
This should result in you only having to log on to DGW a couple of times a week, not 10 times a day.

As we get used to it, and embrace it - I mean, 15years ago, if you were told you would log on to a thing called Facebook 20 times a day, and a thing called rum ration, plus read 150 emails, you'd have thought them to be barking - we will eventually use it much more.
As an aside, it does give you a huge amount of info, the snag is, as you rightly say, it is another thing to log on to, worth persevering. .??


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I had heard DG could be accessed on a mobile app - is this the case?

Problem for me is having no remote access and being required to haul to unit to access.
Which is the problem DGW is supposed to solve. Ironically Defence Connect doesn't play as nicely on DII browsers, and the last time I checked you couldn't log in to DGW email from DII.
There is a Jive mobile app which gives you Defence Connect.

Perhaps I'm lucky in that I log in to both at my civvy work and tick along quite nicely, generally being the first to reply to the "first come first served good event" threads that pop up from time to time. Though the view count does suggest that I'm currently in the marked minority on that front. SR is right in asking how we encourage people to log on regularly. After all we can't work on DII and we really shouldn't be working as we were on Facebook, Google groups and civvy email chains.
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