Defence Force Rugby League World Cup


As part of the celebrations of 100yrs of Rugby League in Australia the Defence Force Rugby League World Cup will take place in and around Sydney during November.

Defence Forces from 6 Countries will take part in the Tournament, they are:

Pool A
New Zealand
The Cook islands

Pool B
Great Britain

Great Britain will play their pool game against Russia at Energy Stadium, Newcastle as the curtain raiser to England v New Zealand game on 8th Nov.

The Final will be played at Aussie Stadium on 16th Nov as the curtain raiser to the main tournament's 2nd Semi-final.

GB Armed Forces will announce its initial train on squad later this month with the final 35 man party announced after the last Inter-services game on the 26th September.
Apologies for mixing Union with League (I enjoy both) but it's also worth mentioning that the Help for Heroes website contains this page about the H4H Rugby Challenge match at Twickers on 20 Sep to raise money for the Tri-Services Rehabilitation Centre at Headley Court.
Should be a great comp. It just shows the strengths that forces Rugby league is going to. As i was a part of the last CS tour to australia it was an unbelievable experience i just hope this years squad can replicate the the same success that we had in 2006.

Military World rugby league cup [/b]Good Times :w00t:

Me not going due to choclate knee Bad Times :thumbdown:

Good luck boys

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