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Discussion in 'The Afterlife - Resettlement and Jobs' started by llareggub01, Sep 16, 2006.

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  1. I offer this saga as a warning to others leaving the Service. Just so you don't think it's a bad tennant wingeing, two colleagues leaving the RAF are having the same difficulties.

    As of yesterday, I became a Civvy. After 28 Years in the mob, by way of thanks, Defence Estates issued an Eviction Notice.

    Whilst I appreciate that there are legal requirements to ensure that MQs are not retained by non-entitled occupants, there used to be a three month period of grace. Now I am termed an illegal occupant (Used to be called an "Irregular Occupant") - does that mean I am a criminal?

    Equally, the terminal grant used to be paid on the date of leaving, to a use as a deposit on a house. Now it can take up to 30 days after my final date. Both changes make it inevitable that I am unable to leave the MQ on the due date.

    Despite notifying DE that we would be unable to move on time, and them accepting the reason, they still turned up on Thursday. I appreciate that they have a job to do, but according to my wife (I was at work) they were both unpleasant and extremely intimidating in manner (My wife is not easily intimidated). I am not sure where I stand in terms of stating a formal complaint now that I have left, but if DE persist in trying to make matters as difficult and unpleasant as they are currently doing, I will be asking to make a formal complaint, or, if that avenue is no longer available, seeking appropriate redress through other means.

    I am now dreading the final "out muster" as I have no faith that it will be conducted fairly or reasonably nor take into account "Fair wear"

    Finally, I have found a house and put in an offer, but still need my Terminal Grant!

    Good luck to anyone else leaving the Service and a MQ - you will get no help from DE.
  2. I think you have just had a bad experience. Pity after 28 years as this sort of treatment will always leave a bitter taste in your mouth.
    I have a chum in a similar situation, but they have recieved letters from the DHE saying no probs with staying and detailing how much they are going to charge etc.
    It's not helping that JPA has arrrived and making a mess of everything at the moment (although I do understand thatt the RAF have finally managed to pay everyone this month).
    Bailiffs and eviction people have codes of conduct which they should not breach. Even if they haven't, just threaten them with a court case for harrassment, it will buy you time and keep them off your back for a week or two. At least it may make them mind their P's and Q's the next time they call.

    Good luck in Civvy Street, there's always FTRS!!!!
  3. Just an update, following my earlier statement about DE and the outmuster, on two occasions they cancelled the outmuster at the last minute, a total delay of nearly 6 weeks. They then had the nerve to charge me rent for the extra 6 weeks. I refused to pay and to cut a very long story short, I have a letter of apology from Derek Twigg MP. It took a long time and the involvement of my MP, but it was worth it......
  4. hi llareggub01,
    where was your MQ?
    Was there a shortage of MQ in your area?
    I leave the RN in july 08 and like you i have to wait for my money from the MOD to use as a deposit.
    i looked on the DHEs' web site and it says the following,
    Can I stay in my SFA and if so, how long?
    "Unfortunately, once your Notice To Vacate expires, you have lost your entitlement to live in SFA. Before we commence formal action to recover possession of the property, we will review your position to determine whether there are any personal circumstances that would cause us to defer such action temporarily. In most cases, provided that the Local Authority have accepted your application for housing and you are paying the Damages for Trespass, we will not take any action against your for a further 3 months. During this period we will reassess the situation regularly and monitor any changes in circumstance."
    hopefully we'll either find somewhere we want to live that we can aford in the plymouth area or the Local Authority will offer us a decent house in a decent area, not holding my breath for the latter.
  5. Forgive me for being old fashioned but is it not the case that housing is provided by Defence Estates for serving members of the defence community? The fact that DE has issued an "eviction" notice does not mean that you will be immediately homeless. Actually the issue of the notice of cessation of entitlement to SFA and impending homelessness will work to your advantage. Your Local Authority has a statutory obligation to house you under the Housing Act 2002. No action will be taken by DE for 93 days providing you pay your damage for trespass charge (revised rent based on local housing rents for similar properties).

    After 28 years in the mob I am sure that you are aware of the neumonic P.P.P.P.P.P.

    Have a nice day
  6. You've obviously not dealt the the IDIOTS that work for the DHE recantly from time to time they forget things such as what they actually own, when you ask them for said "notice of cessation of entitlement to SFA " they ask for proof of you impending departure from the service, which you duley provide only to be told that you can't have "notice of cessation of entitlement to SFA " due to the fact you have longer than 6 months left in the mob. Why is this a problem you ask, well it took the Scotland HIC 6 Months to work out what they were actually supposed to be doing and only by contacting a HIC in England did we get any where. Aranging an out muster as "llareggub01" points out is near on impossiable because they(the DHE) have'nt worked out how to use a diary yet.

    It must be said thought that the DHE have done a sterling job of prepareing the "CHURCHILL ESTATE" for transfer to Annington it's a pitty they forgot to tell the residents though.

    Prime contracts is another marvel of outstanding performance, when it comes to STFA(Short Term Families Housing) they can fix the problem with in 24 hrs for every one else it's 2 weeks to a month if you lucky and they have funding. And as for complaing it takes for ever to establish who you supposed to be complaing to.

    The DHE in England maybe very good, but up here where the law is different the DHE fall's down, the incompatibillity of DHE regualtions with Scottish Law leaves the humble tennant fighting at every step with ever possiable part of the chain.

    I have no wish to stay on this estate longer than I have to every problem results one person refering you to another until you gone round in a circle.
    Local Authoritys are not innocent either they can be given upto 2 years notice that housing maybe needed, but are unable to provide housing.
    Since many people rely on the terminal grant to get onto the housing ladder then maybe the provision for releasing some of it early must be consider. But this is another JPA grey area which no-one wants to do anything about.

    Since it was merged a few years ago the DHE and it's employees have become arrogent towards people who ask for assitance, the manners are non existant .

    Finally P.P.P.P.P.P means nothing when dealing with the DHE due to the fact it take so long to get them to deal with the problem.
  7. 1Having just left the RN, i applied to the local authority for housing, their answer was no because i have money in the bank and get a monthly pension. So i have to use all my Gratuity as a deposit and my monthly pension towards my mortgage payments. i know this sounds like sour grapes but having just done 22 years and getting some money from the mob i feel a bit see off that i have to spend it all on some where to live. 2 You don't get 93days notice unless you are being medically discharged
  8. Idoitdeeper is right ---the notice for eviction will get you on a council
    list for housing. Bad news is that since the option to buy for council tenants came in the limited stock of council housing is very noticeable everywhere.
    So If you are declared homeless they will do a means test and suggest
    you go into a private rented dwelling.
    If you are on benefits etc etc you will be temporarily housed in a hostel or
    rented accomodation as available untill a council property becomes available . They operate a points system aswell based on need .
    Another problem used to be the reasons the person wanted to reside in the particular area requested .

    :nemo: :nemo:
  9. I think that most councils now are pushing you in the direction if your employed and want to live there try rented accomodation from a private landlord as it reduces the load on there waiting lists. Many councils now also work directly alongside housing associations, to try and push people away from being there problem.

    As RP1986 stated if you are unemployed you will be advised that because you have funds you may be better trying for private accomodation, you will still go onto the list but you will be a very long way down it.

    The JSHO part of the service leavers pack is a must, don't forget to fill it in as the will search all options in they areas you specify usually 2 to 3 weeks. The publication "civvy street" usually devotes a page or so to housing links as well.

    Although applying for housing in the area you served used to be a big no no for councils they've now relaxed this rule particually if you have children in local schools or your partner works in the area. There should be a part of the applictaion form for council housing that states "if you are taking up a job in the area", if your partner already works in the area then make him/her the primary applicant and include their job. They can also ask for proof i(usually in the form of a utility bill) to prove you already live there. Council will act upon the "certificate of eviction" but not usually until 28 days before your eviction.
  10. I have a slightly different experience of DE. We sold our house recently (Aug 08) and moved into MQ in Yeovil prior to relocating to Australia in December (tx March 09). This is my first MQ in nearly 10 years and a lot seems to have changed. You have to have 6 months of service left to be able to apply (my local office told me 6 months from application would be sufficient which isn't strictly true apparently) and the way the market was going it was iffy if we would make it. There was also no category for relocating prior to tx. When I phoned I was told, albeit politely, that they were not there to assist with my lifestyle choices!! A letter to the station CO is forthcoming (as soon as my outmuster is done!)


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