Defence cuts!

Discussion in 'Current Affairs' started by Waspie, Mar 2, 2013.

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  1. Copied from the BBC web page.

    BBC News - Philip Hammond warns defence cuts 'risk capability'

    "Every department should take these cuts," he said.

    Referring to a report by the Public Accounts Committee - which revealed the Ministry of Defence had bought £1.5bn worth of equipment between 2009 and 2011 that it had not used - he said it had been "most outrageously wasteful in spending".
  2. The UK still wants to be a mojor player in the war against global terrorism and going into wars and conflicts all over the globe with the americans and then cuts the British Armed Forces! The politicians seem to making a lot of sense there, Not.
  3. With the announcement of the "desert rats" losing their tanks it has reminded me of this information, close to where I live there is a major international scrap metal processing plant, some months ago they took delivery of several modern but scrapped tanks to evaluate the costs of dismantling/scrapping them for the MOD with an eye to making a bid for the purchase of the now excess hardware.

    It was discovered that even with the sky high value of scrap metal of this high grade/quality it wasn't cost effective to undertake the work because of the solid construction, this begs the question of what the MOD will be able to do with these withdrawn tanks, do they just leave them in fields to rust away, or roll them of the back of a RORO in the challenger deep or do they try & sell them on? I can't see that if they sell them on there's any profit to be had because of the high transportation costs, & who's likely to want them anyway?

    I suppose I could purchase one to go shopping in "no bloody worries then about finding a town centre parking space".
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  4. No need to go to any great lenghts to get rid of the old Tanks.Around where I live anything metal that is left lying around unattended disappears overnight.The likely culprits are self-employed non taxpayers so overheads concerning the cuting up and disposal are at a minimum.
  5. What! just leave then in country layby's & let the ne'er-do-wells deal with them, perhaps not such a good idea, they would start them up & use them to rip out any local ATM.
  6. Naah! Much too noisy and clumsy.Bloggs the Builders JCB is the preferred weapon of choice for that job.

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