Defaulters fines


Could anybody tell me how fines are calculated? Say 5 days pay. Is that 25% of your monthly pay before tax based on a standard 20 working day month or is it worked out as 5 days of 28-31 day month with weekends included?
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Mine was easy to calculate, told at table £125 and stoppage of leave at South Georgia when liberty was given? Our R&R break from Falkland duties.
Mine was £50 (MT Car Excess insurance), however became a C-126 in the end as I decided to accept it rather than go on the table and be fined £50 (commander had a word and we came to an agreement, safeguard).


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I believe there is something called 'the green guide' which advises how much a person who is found guilty of being naughty may be fined. This ensures fairness and a degree of commonality. In other words there is a max and a min per offence which is dependant upon the naughty person's rank/rate.
One days pay (£25) for being adrift at Collingwood when my motorbike broke down on the way in. I was still in class ontime, had phoned up but the reggies still decided to do me. Second time stoppage of leave in Crete and a days pay. Fair one as they held the gangway open for me as I came down the hill in a taxi, 1/2 adrift under sailing orders.


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Was run off my push bike by a kin big lorry on way to Collinggrad, OOD at gate said you adrift, me limping along with blood escaping from holes in skin, OOD said report to reg office your in the poo, gets to reg office, Josh man takes one look at me sends me to sick bay, tells his lacky to call UPO and School to let them know, he said he was off to have a word with the OOD, something along the lines of him (OOD) being Fcuking stupid.