Deepest apologies to all......


Deepest apologies to all ,as a newbie, i am just getting the hang of this pewter thing, never been in a chat room before, cant type, what the feck is an avatar, still sorting myself so If I appear in your forum spouting unbeknown waffle, I am either pissed or lost, & kate darling sorry if I kept you awake all night with my dreams, nightmares, but rum ration kicked it off bringing back old memories of pusser life , LOve YOu All.

Cheers to all who tried to have patience with me last night, I promise I will learn quick, & thanks :roll: :lol: :grin:
PHJ, welcome.

Look to the left of this post, and you should see a dancing Snoopy - that's my Avatar.

Yours will have an anonymous blue head since you haven't uploaded one yet.

Don't worry about apologising - much better to ask questions and "test the water" like you're doing, than jumping in and posting any old controversial sh*t like some do!


Cheers tatoodog, now how do i get rid of this blue head, bollocks, asking for it there, where do i find em, and can i upload a avatar of my own making,.... thanks


Hi Pierh

In the home page, on the right of the screen will be a section where you can go to your account (user info), click on that then click on avatar in the personal bit.

You can choose an avatar from the gallery or download one your self (there are size restictions though).

Welcome, and hope to see you in the chat room again.



Wecome Mate , I was a complete novice myself until I joined this site , still shitloads that I havent got a clue about but just crack on & do whatever , any queries someone will always come up with the answer , enjoy matey , :wink:


ok two questions how do i upload piccies into gallery, and abbreviations like WTF or Wbf anywhere i can buy dictionary or is it just guesswork.


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Abreviations will soon come to you WTF = What the F .. PMSL = P*ssed my self laughing
Pics are more difficult cos they need to be on the web already but someone will explain