Discussion in 'Current Affairs' started by Lingyai, Mar 6, 2007.

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  1. All I can say is that:
    A If recruits were topping themselves before, then anything is an improvement surely? Doesn't take a specialist team to work that out.

    B They killed themselves because of training system management failures???? Nothing to do with their mental state then? Normal people don't usualy off themselves because of poor management.

    Sounds like a pretty pathetic report to me. Wonder what really happened?
  2. Also actually worth reading the Blake report itself, it's a pretty weighty tome but it's pretty critical of the training environment which led to the suicides.
  3. Bottom line could be something called institutionalised bullying! Were the training staff persistantlly bully the recruits with the tacit approval of the senior staff. It thus becomes the normal accepted practice that the way to train is to bully! I know of several young men who were 'beaten' into submission during this period and subsequetially left the army because of it (one was actully my own stepson - who came back to us after some eighteen months a totally dejected and useless individual - very sad and a a loss to both him and the army) As far as I can ascertain it did not happen in the other two services, probably more by luck than design; it is after all an easy situation to fall into! (it probably did but not to a great extent)

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