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Deep Cut resurfaces in play

A play is being previewed this evening, according to today's London Metro (10 March 2009, pp22-23 Metro Life) posing questions about the veracity of the Blake Enquiry. The play: 'Deep Cut' written by Philip Ralph, opens to the public tomorrow until 4 April 2009, at the Tricycle Theatre (linky to play and comments).
Looks like a complaint is needed about this showing disrespect to the Jedi Knights. A public book burning, attack a few embassies and the government will consult us about our own faith schools! :roll:
thingy said:
Looks like a complaint is needed about this showing disrespect to the Jedi Knights. A public book burning, attack a few embassies and the government will consult us about our own faith schools! :roll:

I'm fcuking outraged, it's an offence to my religion, I want it banned.


War Hero
Montigny_La_Palisse said:
Hmm, dangerous and difficult ground to cover for the purpose of a play. I however am far more outraged by this:

Who the fcuk sanctioned this blasphemy?
Quoted from the article.....
The 'Star Wars' films are set to be performed as a musical that will hit London next year.

'Star Wars: A Musical Journey' has been signed off by the films' creator George Lucas, etc etc
It's his train set etc. :lol:
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