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Discussion in 'Submariners' started by theoldti, Oct 8, 2007.

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  1. With the SSBN world celebrating (although quite quietly) the 300th deterrent patrol and our SSN cousins continuing their constant strive to go further and faster that the rest, do you thing that the government should show thier appreciation by issuing some sort of decoration?

    There has also been some confusion and trials around the wearing of dolphins on working rig. I believe that we are one of the few navies that dont have this recognition and I am sure that the lads would be proud to show their colours, it may also go some way to promoting the service? :thumright: :thumbdown: :colors:
  2. What, for doing their job!
  3. Yes, very similar to the general service guys "doing their job" miles away from the front line matey. The post was supposed to be a poll amongst the submariners to guage how they feel about the recognition they get for "doing their job", not a slag off session between them and general service.
  4. I thought 'HM Submarines' on the cap tally, and the dolphins on your chest, was all the recognition that you guys needed ?

    Unless you are intimating that you want loads of shiny badges a la US Navy to flash to the admirers ??

    If it costs taxpayers money, then some enterprising MOD nerd will probably go for it, unless it is to do with providing body armour... !!

    You guys say you're the best (and it does get rammed down the skimmers throats !), then that's all you need isn't it --- You really don't need badges on your working rig to prove it do you ?

  5. Not required. Submarine badge and/or "HM Submarines" cap tally is adequate. If you're in the "public eye" promoting the SM service then one or both of these will be visible and that is sufficient, unless of course you're in "pirate rig". :thumright:
  6. It wasn't intended that way 'matey'
  7. If you mean should we (submariners) get some kind of medal for being submariners then no, dolphins upon our chest and some extra pay is more than adequate IMHO.
    If you mean should we wear our Dolphins on our 4's or tropical shirts (3a's I think :confused: ) then this has been tried before without much success, although I notice CAPFASFLOT staff are currently wearing their Dolphins on their short sleeve shirts.
    I prefer to quietly wear a belt buckle or cuff links with Dolphins on them to get the "I'm a submariner and proud of it" message across.
  8. sgtpepperband

    sgtpepperband War Hero Moderator Book Reviewer

    I understand the sentiment, and agree that SMers have a lot to be proud of (no innuendo intended; worked with many of them in Gib several years ago).

    But surely having 'SM' under your trade badge is sufficient recognition? However maybe you can submit a representation (QRRNs Ch. 42) and suggest this? Who knows, the Navy Board and Defence Council will change the rules.
  9. I reckon we should get a "Cold War " Veterans Medal !!!!!!!!!!!!!! :salut: :thumright:
  10. I can see by the massive response that actually no one want any formal recognition for "doing thier job" so I pose another question to you all.

  11. But surely having 'SM' under your trade badge is sufficient recognition?
    I'm a scribes, not under my trade badge is it?
  12. More people.
  13. Not to get robbed would be a good start, see the last post in the SM Pay thread below!!!
  14. 100% manning would be nice - a return to a 'stable' operational programme - being told of your next appointment by the Appointer rather than in the back bar - restoration of the pay differential between skimmers and submariners (if skimmers feel that this is unjustified, I'll see them on the next patrol to discuss) - VISUAL OFFICIAL RECOGNITION of S/M membership (cuff links, belt buckles etc are not issue kit, and you don't wear them with your No4 AWD or ovvies) - and when was the last time you saw a S/M JR with his cap on, FFS? Come on, TI, give us a ******* break... you started the thread, and you've heard the manks and moans - what recognition would you like? Bollocks to all this 'roger your job' mentality - if that was the case, then why issue campaign / jubilee / LSGC medals at all ?
    edited to correct smelling mistake...
  15. But wouldn't this be issued to all who served during those cold war days - which would mean that SMs would still not have a 'decorative recognition' of their own ........ ? ;)
  16. I'd volunteer, but they don't like us "dual nationals", even though NZ is one of the better ones to be

    Just had to have the Septics sign off on my latest role before I can start, even though it's a UK role, on UK soil, working with UK nationals. Argh! :rambo:
  17. I agree,but with the S/M's one you could put a pair of Dolphins above or below the medal.
  18. You dont deserve any more recognition than any other man in any other branch.

    At the end of the day your job is'nt all that hard (especially on a bomber) and your paid extra for what you do.

    If its job satisfaction your after then do what i've done- get out of boats and join a branch where you get stuck in.

    And also, some 'skimmers' work in land locked countrys, not always 400 miles away at sea.

    Enough said?
  19. [quote="Nicks................put a pair of Dolphins above or below the medal.[/quote]

    I think you have answered it, Nicks. All that's needed really is --- Dolphins.

    Do they do 'honorary' ones ? - I spent 4 years in Fort Blockhouse ...... !


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