Declined fom raleigh 5 days before joining date. PLEASE HELP

Discussion in 'Joining Up - Royal Navy Recruiting' started by carter88, Sep 23, 2008.

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  1. Hi i was due to be leaving for raleigh on sunday 28th september. I recently went on holiday and had an allergic reaction to something which left me wheezing for a couple days. I went to doctors when i returned home and they gave me an inhaler as a precaution in case i had any more problems. I have not used this inhaler since i had it but had to get a doctors note so i could bring it to raleigh with me. I sent the doctors note to the AFCO and they phoned raleigh with the info. The doctor at raleigh has now said i am not fit for the navy for four years because i have an inhaler. There is no reason i should not be going i am fighting fit. I run everyday and i'm not having any problems with any physical sports. The AFCO has advised me to appeal. Is there anything info you can give me on the appeal process and anything i should include in the appeal which will help me get my place back at raleigh. I am totally gutted especially this close to the joining date all my bags are packed and everything. Any comments please???
  2. I would book an appointment with your doctor, show him that the Inhaler hasn't been used (I don't know how you can prove this though) and get him to reconsider his earlier judgement.

    Often they give out inhalers willy nilly and don't consider the circumstances for people in your situation. You need to get the doctor to write a letter stating that in his opinion you have no problems with your respiratory system and that he made either an error in his prescription or used the inhaler as a very last ditch emergency cover incase anything happened. Get him to write what his initial thoughts were on your allergic reaction and make sure he defines that the reaction will have no further consequences. I would also get him to do a spyrometry test on you and include the results chart the little machine prints off in with the letter to show how your lungs are functioning.

    What might happen is they get you to do a Peak flow test for a month and record the findings like they did with me. I sent this back to the doctor at my local AFCO and all clear was given.

    You then need to physically take this down to your AFCO and make sure it gets dealt with. Personally I would be on the phone everyday pushing for an answer.

    I have to say though, why did you let the doctor prescribe you with an inhaler??? and why did you need a doctors note? I don't mean to be harsh mate but you dropped yourself in it there.

    HOWEVER if you appeal with a doctors letter and the results from your spyrometry test, you should have a good case.

    Best of luck, stick in there, and keep on at them.

    (im sure Angrydoc, Ninja_stoker and mario can help too)
  3. The doctor assured me that it would not be a problem and they have been prescribed to people like me before. But thats the NHS for you isn't it. The guy at the AFCO said i needed to forward a doctors note saying the reason for the inhaler which he said wouldnt be a problem as long as i didn't have asthma which it stated in the letter i don't. I wish i kept schtum now and left the inhaler at home. I have a doctors appointment tomorrow and will mention all of this anything else i can get him to write would be much appreciated
  4. Ninja_Stoker

    Ninja_Stoker War Hero Moderator

    Re: Declined fom raleigh 5 days before joining date. PLEASE

    Sorry to hear of your plight.

    Sadly civilian GP's in the main, are not qualified to determine medical suitability for military service, despite their assurances to the contrary.

    It is equally easy to understand the predicament of a GP who does not prescribe an inhaler to someone suffering from breathing difficulties & then ends up with a lawsuit off the surviving relatives.

    The advice given by your AFCO appears to be the most sensible course of action in the hope that you may undergo further medical assessment to determine your medical suitability for service.

    The best of luck to you.
  5. Re: Declined fom raleigh 5 days before joining date. PLEASE

    So you reckon that it would not be worth visiting a civilian GP again and just process an appeal or process an appeal with the GPs comments. If i could get hold of someone who is qualified for MOD medical assesments would this be any help? What would be the best thing to do as the next step. I have been dreaming of this for the last year and im not prepared to give up
  6. you can get your civvy doctor to fight your case by getting him/her to say in writing that you are completely fit and healthy, then take the note to the AFCO. this should get you back in. it worked for me and im in now.
  7. you wont get anyone from the MOD mate, listen to the advice on offer.
  8. Re: Declined fom raleigh 5 days before joining date. PLEASE

    I know someone who is qualified for this. But would this help or would it be better to just stick to my GP
  9. I sympathise.

    I think you have fair grounds for an appeal - inhalers are not a great use for allergic reactions: they just make sure you don't wheeze as your airway closes over...!

    Unfortunately you now have the inhaler. I accept it is not for asthma, but it is for an allergic reaction to an unknown agent. It doesn't sound like a serious (ie life threatening) reaction though.

    Lose the inhaler. Get a comprehensive letter from your GP where he explains his reasons for prescribing it. Get down to the AFCO and get the appeals process rolling: I'm not sure if an MO in RALEIGH can overturn a decision made at a recruitment medical without at least seeing you.

    Good luck (and apols for the delay in posting).
  10. Re: Declined fom raleigh 5 days before joining date. PLEASE

    See below.
  11. Dude, piece of advice, stop hijacking everyones threads (i see you asking questions in everyones threads, no offence) just PM the Doc and ask your question.

  12. Re: Declined fom raleigh 5 days before joining date. PLEASE

    Edit: Just did a search, question answered.
  13. Re: Declined fom raleigh 5 days before joining date. PLEASE

    Going to be a kill joy here.

    If your breathing problem, the one that caused you to be breathless, was stress induced.

    Then you get on board a war canoe and a fire breaks out. You are part of a fire team and you get another breathing problem. You are not only endangering the life's of the fire party but of the whole ships company.

    Sorry - but you need to be 100% ready for the life ahead in the RN not 98%.

    Again sorry if it's not what you wanted to hear, but life is stressful enough on board without having a liability waiting in the wings.
  14. I assure you it is not stress induced i have had alot worse problems than this in my life and do not suffer from stress. I am a hell of alot more stressed at the news i have received today and now am totally fine
  15. Re: Declined fom raleigh 5 days before joining date. PLEASE

    You miss my point, stress is an example.

    By having a problem which affects your breathing, no matter how remote it puts lives at risk.

    Like I said sorry. But having served and done 24 years there is no room on board for anyone with medical problems that may affect others.

    My opinion, others including medical professionals may disagree.
  16. Re: Declined fom raleigh 5 days before joining date. PLEASE

    I understand your point, but this was an allergic reaction to pollen. I am pretty sure pollen is not present on a ship. I have never had a problem with my breathing before i am a qualified diver and have never experienced breathing problems above or below the sea. I assure you i am perfectly fit and healthy apart from this allergy. Many people in the navy have allergys but im pretty sure they are not triggered on a ship.
  17. Re: Declined fom raleigh 5 days before joining date. PLEASE

    You are quite right about people having allergies on board ship. But once your 'in' then navy will deal with them.

    But!!! To get in you need to be 100%. Then - if/when you develop ailments/allergies, the navy cures/treats.

    Sounds like your up against 'the system'.

    The advice you have been given is correct. Appeal. See what they say. It's all you can do really.

    Good luck. Don't be put off by me. I just say what others think.
  18. Just with regards to your Pollen not present on a ship, it doesnt technically have to be, pollen can be transferred in many different ways, from simple stuff like riding the wind, so hiding in stores, to your uniform, simple stuff mate.

    I know what your saying, and im not qualified enough to give you a yes or no, but i wouldnt rule out pollen being present on ships :)
  19. Re: Declined fom raleigh 5 days before joining date. PLEASE

    Lol fair points both of you. Thanks for your comments. I hope my appeal goes well. And i will get aload of benadryl to protect me from the pollen on my uniform
  20. Re: Declined fom raleigh 5 days before joining date. PLEASE

    There are loads of potential allergy causing particles in the atmosphere. The navy will certainly create a concoction of it's own no doubt. Uptake gases for one.

    A warship is full of hazardous chemicals and the like. Nature of the beast.

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