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Looking for a bit of advice with regards to completing my application form. I have reached the section which asks “have you previously applied to join the armed forces, where the application did not lead to you joiningâ€

I am in something of a dilemma as to how I should answer the question.
I actually applied to the TA 18 months ago but due to the shockingly poor recruitment process I became disillusioned and withdrew my application before I was attested, my question is should I actually declare this or not ? How long is this information kept for ?

I did actually serve in the RN for five years getting out back in 2001, so I'm a little concerned how not going through with the TA will effect me joining the RNR. I know a lot of people will say honestly is the best policy, but there’s also a bit of me that thinks “Least said, soonest mendedâ€



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Be honest!

If you lie you will be found out and your credibility and integrity will be in question. The usual rule is that if you lie you die! Your application will be rejected on the basis that you can't be trusted. You will have to go through the AFCO and all your details from your previous application will be there for the recruiters to see.

There's no reason why your application to join the TA should go against you. When questioned tell them what you've said on here and there'll be no problems - guaranteed!


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The AFCO need to know you have former military service -Ie: the 5 years in the RN, so that your former service medical records & history can be checked to confirm eligibility for further service.

Unless you actually completed the selection process & actually joined the TA, we're not too bothered, but the question is asked for a reason so there's little point denying it. Obviously declare it as it'll come-up on the computer system, but it will not adversely affect the application if you didn't join the TA - unless they actually rejected your application.

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