Declared medically unfit due to hernia operation 13 years ago!!


M daughter is currently going through the recruitment process to join. She has just had her telephone medical & has been temporarily declared medically unfit due to hernia operation 13 years ago ( she was 5 at the time)!! She has never taken any medication or had any side effect & is very fit & healthy.

She is beside herself as she thinks all her plans have gone down the pan. Does anyone know what will now happen so I can try to re assure her.

Any advice would help.

I am not a medic or work in recruitment but to me this seems like a glaring mistake by those conducting the telephone medical. A hernia repaired 13 years ago giving no complications should not be a blocker to joining.

I would speak to your local recruitment office and see what they advise. Failing that, our NinjaStoker should be able to offer excellent advice.

Do not give up on the dream just yet! I managed 23 1/2 years service having had a hernia repaired 6 months after joining.


Normally what they do is send a letter to her GP to gain further information about the hernia op to make sure everything is ok. When they know she’s all good they will book her in for a face to face medical.

My advice is to give it a week for the paperwork to get to your GP, and hound them until you know it’s been sent back!! It definitely speeds up the process if your GP don’t wait for payment from Capita first!!


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Don't worry.
I've had 2 hernia ops, 1 in approx 1999 and 1 a couple of years ago. Because I mentioned this on my medical form, I was made TMU by the Triage nurse, exactly the same as your daughter.
It's purely a temporary step until the doctor physically examines you in the face to face medical, where they will have a quick look and a prod to check all is OK now.


Thanks for your replies. I showed them to my daughter and it has made her feel better and that this is quite normal. Stops me worrying as Well!!


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Fingers crossed it is a condition that can be appealed with sufficient supporting evidence if rejected.

The term temporarily medically unfit (tmu) means the condition requires further information, nothing more. Permanently Medically Unfit (PMU) means that the individual is, at this moment in time unfit to join. It could mean forever or it could mean until a period of time has elapsed without recurrent symptoms.

I have a feeling there are certain types of hernia that are an outright bar to entry regardless of time elapsed or outward recovery. Hopefully I'm wrong.

This document may help, Section 4, Annex E, paragraph 11 refers:


Sorry for jumping on this post but wondered if someone could help me out , I have searched & searched but can't find nothing at all , my daughter is 15 ( 16 in April ) & she has wanted for some time to join the navy but over 2 years ago got trigger finger in both her hands , she had steroid injections but it never worked so had surgery to thin out her tendons to stop it happening again ,her surgeon wouldn't do both hands together so had her last op in November 2017 ( waiting lists for surgery were really long ) , this seems to have worked & she is just waiting to be discharged from the hospital . She has no restricted movement & has regained full strength back in both hands , will this stop her getting in ?
Any info will be very much appreciated
Thank you

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