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Hi All,
I have passed and completed my recruitment test and my interview. At the moment I am awaiting conformation for my medical date, unfortunately however I seem to be worrying a lot about whether I will be able to join and over analysing every part of my past Medical History.
On my medical questionnaire it states "Ear Disorders; Chronic Ear Diseases", which would make a person unsuitable for enrolment. I have a history of outer ear infections (Otitis Externa) or "swimmers ear" as some of you may call it which are totally preventable through me not using head phones when I exercise, and I am fitness fanatic!
As I have been reading around the subject and worrying of course, I have noticed that the bar is due to Otitis Media or Middle ear infection; behind the drum.
So, as I have this problem "swimmers ear" as a reoccurrence would this be a bar from my enlistment?

Thank You for your time,

Delaying the Process?

Hi All,

I recently posted a thread about how I may not pass my medical due to a history of outer ear infections.
However I do know the root cause, so for instance would it be beneficial to defer my joining of the Navy and come back for instance when I had been clear of the problem for; lets say, 2 years? That way I'd be clear of the problem for a whole 2 years and thus it may show that the problem is not chronic...

Would delaying the process be beneficial in any way, as I really honestly want to join the RN.

Thanks once again...:duckie:
Stop phaffing. You've found out the bar from entry is due to middle and inner ear infections, whereas yours is outer ear. The inner and middle ear is clearly important because of balance etc, whereas a bit of 'swimmers' ear' is really not going to alter the balance of the Universe, especially if you've found it doesn't occur if you don't use earphones/buds. The medical is not selection for Apollo missions; it's a pretty basic prod around by the doc to check you've got all the bits you're going to need for service in the RN and that, for the most part, they work as advertised. In your case, declare the snag on the form and chat with the doc about it as he does his thing (he's going to get out his ear-looky-insidey-thing no matter who you are), avoid exercise with earphones so you don't have scabby ears and just get going with the medical. You'll wonder what all the worry was as soon as you've left the scab lifter to get back to his Golfing Digest.

So, no, I don't think you should delay anything.
As the man said; say it, do it. You'll probably be on a waiting list anyway. Ears need fresh air, so make sure they get it. I'm surprised that not more of the earpad/phone generation don't have galloping ear rot. If I've put you in the wrong slot; sorry.

Again, don't delay. You already know the solution. Good luck.


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One of life's paradoxes: Some drip about the wait to join, others ponder delaying.In this instance, if a delay is required before the individual can be passed fit, as correctly stated above, it's best advised by the Doc than assumed by the applicant.Good luck.


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Just for the heads up value really, but the ME doing your medical is almost certain to write to your GP for info. This means you will be temporarily unfit, or TMU, until the info comes back. Don't overly worry though, a lot of folk get made TMU to make sure they are fit to carry on.

Good luck :walk:


I agree with nemesis - we will need more info here. It depends in what the frequency of these infections is and how quickly it resolves.

Medicals are all done by civvies now (which is daft but it was someone's bright idea) so the process will take a while - the info will have to go to a uniformed MO for an opinion.

It's not a straight no, more a question mark at the mo.



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To me, delaying or deferring mean pretty much the same & no matter how many different ways the question is asked to elicit the desired response, the advice remains to see what the Medical Examiner advises.

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