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Discussion in 'RFA' started by tree_doctor, Jan 10, 2015.

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  1. Hi all,
    I've got my SIFT interview for the position of Deck Officer Cadet at Portsmouth on the 26th of this month. Its all pretty scary but thankfully recruiting have been nice enough to set me up in a hotel the night before so I'll be nice and rested.
    Just wanted to know what to expect during the interview; what sort of questions are likely to come up? How long is it? Any trick questions I should look out for?

    Any help would be appreciated!
  2. Think mine was about 20 mins for the actual interview, then about 5-10 afterwards when I was sat in the room waiting for my result.

    Far as I recall the questions were related to why I'm joining, what do I know about the RFA and my role as a cadet & future job duties and responsibilities as 3/O Deck officer, rough outline of the training pipeline and then was a bunch of questions about past leadership times, what did i do, how did i do it, and what was the outcome/skills used on it and when have I ever had to deal with something that i felt was morally wrong and how did I deal with it.

    Was over a year ago now though, so my memory may be rusty but hope it gives some help, hopefully someone who had a SIFT recently will be along with it fresh in their mind to give you some more insight!

    Best of luck, and the hotel they put you into is pretty decent, they do brill dinners! It's the perfect place to chill out the day before the interview. I'd recommend booking a taxi from the hotel to the base on the interview day though as it's a bit of a walk!
  3. Which hotel you in?
  4. Thanks for the info! That doesn't sound as bad as I expected, I shall have to plan out some leadership/ team working scenarios though. I think I'm good on RFA knowledge; I actually like military history and current affairs so no trouble revising that! I'm in the Best Western Royal Beach hotel, I assume that's the one they use for everyone. Hopefully I'll be able to get out and about the day before and hit up some of the naval museums around Portsmouth.
  5. Yeah it's a lovely hotel, bus from across the road goes straight into the hard landing/train station 2 mins from naval base,
  6. They like you to use the STAR method to answer questions. Best of luck, I'm sure you'll be fine.

    You may also be directed to photos of RFA ships on the wall and asked about them. They may also show you a map of the world as ask where RFA ships currently are.
  7. I too am scheduled for an interview on the same day, staying at the same hotel as well. If you are interested in swapping details etc then PM me.
  8. Had mine early December...spoke to a few of the other hopefuls and found we had had a similar experience...mine was about 45 minutes long and then you are left for about 15 mins whilst the recruitment officer types up your answers...then she came back in and tells you she's not too sure about sending you to AIB and you have to tell them exactly what makes you stand out from the rest of the candidates. (This didn't just happen to me). Don't forget to learn ship names and what patrols the RFA do in specific parts of the world...Caribbean=Narcotics, Gulf=Piracy, and that there is always a RN presence in the Falklands. Just make sure you beg for mercy :D
  9. That would be great actually, if only I could work out how to to PM people....any help would be welcome :/

    Sounds terrifying! I'll make sure I do my homework. How did you do if you don't mind me asking?
  10. Hi I have AIB at the start of February

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  11. Hover your cursor over your screen name at top right, on the drop down menu is "conversations" which is the buzz word for PM's. click on that and your away.
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  12. If in the app, tap on the persons name/ profile pic in the forum which takes you to their profile. Then tap the mail icon in the top right and you will be taken to a message composition page

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  13. Passed AIB :) Any help wanted PM me :)

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