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Deck Officer Cadet entry requirements


Hi guys, I did do a search but it's not pinged anything up so sorry if this has been covered before.
I'm very interested in the RFA, and I like the look of the Deck Officer Cadet route. However, my GCSE results aren't up to scratch and I'm a bit too old to pop into a school and resit them.
I've been looking online and I've found something called an IGCSE which is accredited and recognised by lots of institutions, and it's basically a GCSE for people who are studying remotely.
Having been in the Army previously, I know how inflexible the MOD can be on certain things and I don't want to shell out just to be told that no, it's not good enough and that it needs to be a plain old GCSE.

Does anyone have any insight on whether it's acceptable? If its not, any advice on alternate ways of doing things? Thanks very much!


iGCSEs should be completely interchangeable with GCSEs. They're an equal qualification, mainly aimed at international schools and the like, though many UK schools (usually in the independent sector) make their kids them instead of GCSEs these days because they are considered more rigorous.
Have you tried ringing RFA recruitment?


Thanks for getting back to me, that's good to hear. I'd not heard of an IGCSE before so wasn't entirely sure where they stood.

No, that's probably a very good idea though. Is that the 0345 number on the RN website, or is there a secret one that I'm too stupid to find?



I managed to get through sift and off towards AIB (I've applied for Deck Cadet as well) without many GCSEs, but on the strength of my NVQ Level 3 (which apparently is worth an A-level or two).
I tend to think that GCSEs are a general standard that people "should" work towards.
Get in touch with RFA (Navy) Recruitment and see what they say regarding your qualifications.
Good luck!!


Thanks to both of you for getting back to me.
I'll ring the number on monday, and unfortunately I have Cs at GCSE and that's about it. Cheers though, I appreciate the effort.

Take care
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