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Discussion in 'Royal Naval Reserve (RNR)' started by WindyMiller, Feb 7, 2007.

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  1. Just went to the recruitment night at my local unit last night and had the talk and am really keen now to get started.

    I've decided to join as a rating - looks like you get to play with all the fun toys!! - my only concern is that being 38 getting fully trained will take me over 40. If I want to try for officer later would this be a problem? Also can I decide I want to try for officer or do I have to be recommended from my unit?

    Cheers for any help in advance.
  2. Windy, welcome to the RNR!

    You can be promoted from the lower deck but it may take a while. Really if you really want to be an officer, tell your DO as soon as possible. Or, if you have a degree and you're not too far along the recruitment process just tell your AFCO. I don't know what the max age for officer promotion or entry is, ask at the AFCO. They'll be pleased to help.
  3. Thanks polab

    I'm just starting in the process so can discuss with AFCO


  4. 40 is the maximum age at which you can sit an AIB, bear that in mind.

    However you can be selected for officer training while still in new entries.
  5. definately something to bear in mind dunkers, thanks

  6. I asked this question a couple of weeks ago (see Direct officer entry v Internal promotion) and got almost the opposite answer!
    I'm due to start my training in May, as a rating. I have a degree, but when I started the selection process, direct entry wasn't up and running.

    What should I do now? Should I mention my wish to become an officer to the guys doing my pre-Raliegh traning?
  7. Simple answer - YES.

    Probably better answer, if that's what you really want to do - flag that you want to be a Direct Entry Officer and start preparing for AIB (AFCO can provide lots of advice, booklets etc.).
  8. If you decide to go Direct Entry route you will need to contact the OCLO (Officer Candidate Liaison Officer) and fill in loads more bumf.

    The AFCO do not deal with Direct Entry, OCLC do (that's what I was told and how my application is going.)

    You may be better off speaking with your XO or SM who should be able to put you in contact with the OCLO.

    As for the 40 yr old age limit at AIB, your unit can apply for an age waiver if they want you to go to AIB.

    Hope this helps.
  9. Thanks for the info, but how do I find an OCLO (C)? and what does XO and SM stand for, and where would I find them?

    Sorry to be a pain.
  10. XO is Executive Officer sometimes referred to as RNSO, most senior full time RN office in your unit. SM support manager or bean counter in chief.

    You go to your RNR unit and ask to speak to them.

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