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deciphering my fathers service record with no service number?


hello all.
i am a newbie my late mother gave me my fathers royal navy records with a service number missing! i never got to know my father he died in1951( after as i was told) he had been lost at sea but eventually found. he was hospitalilised in the royal victoria hospital in newcastle upon tyne but he never got over his illness!
ive searched all over & all i get on records is his birth & death! i dont understand his record too good its faded &
i cant make out some of the writing!
i need to know if the story was true but dont know where to start?


War Hero
A good start would be to post a copy of the document you have and let everyone see what they can make of it.


Lantern Swinger
Service certificates dated from your fathers time, were on a linen like material and were written on in Ink. My own fathers service certificate had the texture of a tea towel. I am surprised that there is no service number on them, it is unusual. It might be that the number is one of the old ones based on his home port. As Fishhead posted we really need to see it. Being an ex writer I am happy to try and decipher as much as I can for you.


Lantern Swinger
As for uploading, if you click on the upload a file button on the bottom of the box it should give you an option to upload the file.
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