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Decided to join the Navy i have some questions

Hello, im 18 and i recently decided to join the navy, my first two options are the Air engineering technician, and submariner. i understand they're not easy at all (dont seem it anyway) im due to sit my recruitment test on 25/06/14 (4days away) i want to know how difficult it is and what if there are more subject i should revise on than others. also how many days it is for the next step (medical) and the ones after that..
im worried and nervous if i dont reach the required score for my chosen job. i cant afford to wait 6 months to re-try whats the percentage on me having my interview and being accepted for a job with a lower score? and please tell me anything i didnt mention that i ought to know, thanks


War Hero
If you search 'RT test' in the search box lots of helpful threads will come up with what to revise and tips etc :) if you fail for your chosen role I believe your AFCO will go through the roles open to you with your score, if none appeal then you can redo i think but ninja is your man for that info. I had my medical about a week after my RT but i know people who had to wait longer for an appointment just as there was a bit of a waiting list. Fitness test is usually to be booked within 28 days of passing the medical, interview is before all that now I think? I had it last though.

Take it one step a time and ask your AFCO anything you are unsure of or want some more information about, they have all the up to date info and are usually nice and helpful :D what submariner role are you interested in?


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You can't afford to wait 6 months to give it another go? You're 18, you have all the time in the world. One thing you need to get in your head straight away is that this application process is is not a quick one. Two to three years is a relatively short waiting from first setting foot in your AFCO to getting to Raleigh or BRNC. So don't be surprised if you aren't there by the time you're 21.

If you are going to Raleigh you will have your interview before your medical and fitness test, however if you're going to BRNC then the medical and fitness test are before the interview. Either way there is a bit of a wait between the two stages. So try and accept the fact you are going to be in the process for a while and don't go for a career path you don't want just because you didn't pass your RT test first time. This is the rest of your life, make sure you get it right because unlike a civvy job, you can't just quit after you get in. Good luck.


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Welcome. As R3 states, don't be afraid to call your AFCO to answer any queries, it's what we are employed to do. Best bet is call them early morning before the hordes awake and list the queries so you can get quick, accurate and efficient answers.

The Recruiting Test is one of those beasties that's difficult if you ask someone that failed and simple if you ask someone that passed. Heaps of advice and free practice test websites here (it's the same test) : Recruiting Test & Example Psychometric Tests For AET you need to score highly in all sections of the test, particularly maths & mechanical comprehension. You need to aim for 100%, but no less than 75% correct in each section to be in with a realistic chance. If you score less than that reuired for your first preference job, you'll be told what, if any alternatives are available. The tip is prepare, prepare, prepare. Overall, if you score less than 50% correct in each of the four sections, there odds are you'll need to re-take the a YEAR's time! So make sure you prepare and make sure you narrow down the jobs you would consider as a Submariner - there are dozens of submariner trades, all very different.

The next stage after the Recruiting Test is the Competency Based Interview (usually within a couple of weeks after passing the test). The interview letter will detail everything you need to know for the interview itself - read it thoroughly.

If you pass the interview, it's eyestest, complete a medical questionnaire and then medical appointment. A medical appointment can take up to 4 or 5 weeks, depending on region. As R3 states, the Pre Joining Fitness Test (PJFT) is taken within 28 days of passing the medical. Info here: After that - security clearance, then an entry date is requested.

For AET I think the wait, initial test to entry is around 10-12 months. You'll be allocated an entry date a couple of terms ahead of the join date and will need to attend a four day pre-entry course (PRNC) before actually joining. There are pass/fail elements on the course (1.5 mile run & 50 metre swim).

Good luck.


Keen to join up and start a new life, a few questions if you please,

1) How long do you spend away?
2)Can you volunteer to be away longer if you wish to be? Don't fancy being in the navy at port, want to be active, want to serve.
3) How long do you spend serving with a ship, can you transfer to a different unit?


War Hero
Keen to join up and start a new life, a few questions if you please,

1) How long do you spend away?
2)Can you volunteer to be away longer if you wish to be? Don't fancy being in the navy at port, want to be active, want to serve.
3) How long do you spend serving with a ship, can you transfer to a different unit?

I think some of it depends what trade you are going for...tbh if my friends' ship programmes are anything to go by you definitely won't have to volunteer for more time away, it will be a given :p
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