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Discussion in 'Health & Fitness' started by AllTheFours, Apr 26, 2010.

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  1. I'm sure there is a more appropriate place for this but being an ARRSEr and new here I couldnt find a forum about kit and the like.

    I'm looking for a decent (but not too pricey) pair of running shoes, the issue Silver Shadows are killing my shins after 2 weeks of road running and I'd rather shell out for decent shoes than for gym membership: then still get my shins knackered when I do my 'End of the Week Test'.

    Anyone have any suggestions?
  2. You need to get your self to a running specialist. Unfortunately without being able to witness your gait no one can recommend shoes for your running styles. Only a proper specialist can do that. If they're any good they will recommend the best shoe for you which doesn't always mean the most expensive.
  3. Cheers Tommo I'm starting to think that would be best, a perfect excuse to go into Chatham too! Hopefully my bounty will hurry up and get through
  4. The best thing you can do before buying a new pair of trainers is ditch the silver shadows as they are shite. If your thinking of heading to London for the day check out Run and Become which is just off Victoria St. I havent been in there for years but its an awesome shop run by good runners who know there stuff. I would hazard a guess that they would also have a gait analysis gubbins in there or know of someone who can do one for you to get the best footwear for the job.

    On a personal note I have run in Asics trainers for years as in my humble opinion they are the best footwear for me but as i said the people in the shop mentioned will be very helpful and pick the right pair out for your needs!!
  5. I've had Asics, Saucony and Mizuno shoes over the last few years. I just bought the ones that felt best at the time.

    I had the Asics fitted by a PT at a gym somewhere, and bought both the Sauconys and Mizonus from The Marathon Store in Covent Garden. Budget £60-£80. They'll stick you on a treadmill and film you and work out which shoes are best for you.
  6. Any decent running shop should have the ability to check out your running stance and advise on shoes accordingly. I've had a few lads in the AFCO and just looked them up on the internet and they got sorted out fairly quickly.

    Best of luck


  7. :roll: I'm well into my 71st year and was road running back in the 50s when the only shoes available were pumps,daps, or gym shoes . If you were flush you invested in an upmarket pair of tennis shoes made by the North British Rubber Company. 8) The reason I no longer run is due to a stroke 11 years back[I'd been out for a cross country run the Sunday morning on the day it struck] With my past experience and in my far from humble opinion there is more trash and hype spouted about running shoes than politics. :roll: I found that a medium priced shoe with a Scholls athletic insole got me through many a marathon with no injuries. :lol:
  8. I will definatly be doing that then having only just checked out the website and sent an email about a fitting i'm looking forward to it.

    MAny Thanks
  9. I would also highly recommend Asics, very comfortable and supportive. My current pair have suffered 3 years of abuse and are still going strong.
  10. 3 YEARS 8O :?: , not many miles done then.
  11. Was thinking the same, especially as they die a death from about 300 - 500 miles.
  12. I recently got some New Balance trainers from Many phys mad booties seem to wear that brand, them and asics.
  13. Well, I'm not a distance runner! For the past year they have only been used in the gym really - weights and HIIT - so no, not many miles done. But I don't think that invalidates my opinion that Asics running shoes are top notch for comfort and durability :roll:
  14. True, use em myself.
  15. Having used both Asics and Saucony, I've found my Saucony Omni 8's the best out the two for me. I won't recommend any brands to anyone cos everyone is different.

    I just won't recommend going to buy any old pair from JJB (as an example) because they are feel good or cheaper to anyone.

    Once you know what shoe is best for your gait/style you can always go find the same pairs later on for a cheaper price online. That's what I now do, I buy my Omni 8's cheaper than from a shop.
  16. 3 years and the spring in the sole etc will have probably gone and there will be a need to replace them for a new pair anyway!!!
  17. I have Asics too, by far the best I have ever had. I tried the water test online, where you wet your feet, step onto a piece of paper and then compare your foot shape to those given online. My advice, is to skip all of that which made me shell out on some ill-fitting un-supportive stinkers and like has been said pop into your local running shop.
  18. im not sure where about you are but these might be able to help you
    gait analysis
  19. Thanks for the tips all. I went along to Run4it today (Scottish running chain, just opened a new store close to where I live) and found out I pronate, so ended up buying a pair of Asics GT-2150s, even walking around in store I noticed a big difference between the Asics and the new balance runners I was wearing previously, for a start I'm not leaning inwards at the ankles anymore, due to the extra support in the sole. I was told though if I felt I wanted more support still, they could order other shoes into stock, or I could try one of their bigger branches who carry a larger range.

    I was really impressed with the service I got, plus the price charged (£90) was not that much more than the online price (£70-£80+postage) also given the time spent (I was there for 30 to 45 minutes trying on shoes and talking about running etc) I reckon I got a good deal and will either go back to that store or order from their website in future.
  20. I have 2 pairs of asics myself.
    However I ran a few runs in the issue silver shadows and develop a spot of tendon trouble.

    Looked up treatments and numerous posts about vibram five fingers came up. I now run in the classics and have some kso's now for when I go to canada at the end of the month.
    No support and should last a good while and they have sorted out the tendon issue.

    That said, other cheaper options are out there and I sure as heck wouldn't run with weight on with them (although I have done some 5 milers with an extra 10kg just to see how it felt).

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