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Discussion in 'The Corps' started by Fightinpaddy, Nov 5, 2007.

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  1. Due to start all arms course in the new year.

    Can anyone suggest a decent pair of boots that will serve my well on AACC other than the poxy pussers shite that abuse my feet? A few people have suggested magnums but are there any others i should check out?

  2. Can't you get hold of a pair of Pro Boots shipmate?
  3. I'd steer clear of magnums mate they're good for wrecking your ankles and thats about it. You can't go wrong with a set of LOWA patrols, or if you prefer higher leg then Lowa combat GTX.
    Patrols have done me fine and you can get them for about £105 if you shop around a bit. If you prefer goretex lined then pay a tenner more and go for Lowa mountains. At the end of the day, it's all about individual choice so go to a shop and try some on.

    i'm sure there are plenty of others who recommend other options mind.
  4. Aren't pro boots just pussers boots with goretext? I'll try some.

    montigny, do places like blacks or millets sell lowa patrol?
  5. Normal Pussers HL boots used to friggin kill me until proper worn in, but Pro Boots are comfortable from day one (for me :) )

    Whatever you decide to get mate, make it quick so that they are nice and comfy.
    Good luck on the course :)
  6. Thanks fellas, I'll give them a go. I dont mind paying a bit of cash for boots as anything to make life easier on AACC is good enough for me but even better if proboots work as they are free!
  7. Don't forget a few sets of insoles too :)
  8. Dont go for Lowa or Pro Boots mate. They are Gortex lined and you really want to avoid that. Gortex is great but once your feet are completely submerged in water (which they will be on the AACC) they take forever to dry!!

    Have a look at Altberg boots. The absolute dogs bollox and they have a great variety. They also custom make them, so the sizing is perfect.

    Personally Ive tried the Altberg Sneekers, which are like Magnums but 100 times better. Good for general running and speedmarching. If however your going to be in the field, yomping, speedmarching etc etc go for the Altberg Defender. Make sure you dont go for the steel toe cap version though and have a look at the microlite sole. Honestly you cant go far wrong!!

  9. Fair one, although Lowa patrols are cambrelle lined and dry much, much quicker. As I said it's all down to personal choice, I find lowas a good all round boot. Might look into some Altbergs meself now though!
  10. Lowas are great boots though, as are Hanwags. I just like the quality and the personal touch you get with Altberg..............and the fact that they are handmade in the UK!!
  11. Lowa boots can go 2 ways 1 - they either wreck your feet after a few days or 2- they are a great bit of kit I have heard so many stories about them it just suits the individual, But I would agree with Spenny and that Altbergs are the way forward( no pun intended)
  12. Just had a look on the Altberg web site and I'm going to get a pair of defenders and give them a go. Fcuks sake I came on here offering advice on boots and end up getting a new pair myself, how did that happen?
  13. Hahah - good effort mate!! :thumright:

    The boots I have at the moment are Altberg Defender Microlite - they are quality!! Im not sure where in the country you are, but if you can get to the factory in Catterick, its well worth it to be properly measured up.

    Alternatively they do travel round the country to various locations, to custom measure people for boots. Give them a call and see if they are anywhere near you.

  14. thanks guys great help so far.
    As the AACC involves speedmarching, running etc AND fieldwork and load carrying is there any boot thats just bang in the middle and suitable for all or do i need two diffrent pairs?
  15. The Altberg Defenders mate. Tough enough for field-work, good ankle support for load carry, light enogh for speed marching and running/assault courses, particularly with the microlight sole.


    Lowas are great boots too mate - try both on and see what suits your feet.
  16. Have to agree here that Hi-tech magnums are a sack of shite for load carry's as they dont support the heel very well and are too easily wrecked on exercise. I use a pair of fabric magnum highlegs at work and although they are okay for what i do i wouldn't want to be doing an exercise in them in any terrain.
  17. You certainly don't need two pairs just one good set, as I said before my Lowas are good all round but the altbergs are lighter so will suck a little less life out of you at pace. We could bang on about this and that for ages but like most kit it's all down to what you like, just try them and see how you feel, the general opinion between me and a few others is you should have a go at these:


    And bear in mind I'm sold on the Alt-bergs myself!
  18. UP THE ALT-BERGS YE HA !!!!!!
  19. Thanks a lot fellas you've been a great help, ive got my card at the ready and im going to order some off the internet now. cheers again for all your advice.

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