December start dates????

If you was told you had to wait more than 18 moths to join your branch, would you wait for the lengt

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Lantern Swinger
Well I am now into single figures untill my start date, I started at 20 and am now down to 8 months. My careers advisor has told me that I should expect a December 2008 start date for entry into the Navy as a Medical Assistant. It's a long wait but i'm not complaining, I knew about it from the moment I passed my psychometric tests.

I have been into the AFCO a few times to see if they can find out an actual date to join up because Dedcember only has 4 weeks in it and I think 2 of those are taken up with leave? I was wandering if there was anyone on here who know's when the last intake in December is?

It would be nice if I could know a rough guestimate on when my career is going to start. I'm sure there are others on here with the same situation :thanks:

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