Dec 09 pay run

Discussion in 'Royal Naval Reserve (RNR)' started by all_purple_now, Dec 24, 2009.

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  1. Anyone know when this will be, given that most (civvy) employers pay early in Dec?

  2. Got my payslip today (they send them to my house, not my unit). It says 31st Dec (Thurs, not a bank holiday). We reservists usually have it on the first working day of the following month (apart from when mobilised, etc, when it's the last working day). I'd say the 31st this month but don't count on it.
    Was happy with the amount as I'm squared away by my reckoning. Not before time!
  3. Just checked my bank account online. Not a sausage as been put in by the RNR. Maybe it will be the first working day after New Year it will go in?
    I will not old my breath though.
    Oh well I was expecting to be let down re wages.....not exactly an unusual occurrence for the RNR, anyway ............Happy New Year!
  4. mine's in...
  5. Mine's in too now - technically it's gone in on the first working day of the month (looking back that seems to be usual) but it's now showing on my bank statement. Phew.

  6. i havnt :(
  7. Mine's in and I'm now loaded. Finally got four months of pay that i'm owed.

    Not really looking forward to the pay situation when i mobilise shortly - unless of course its all sorted now???
  8. Tip: make sure you keep a track of everything, getting paid at the start isn't the problem...avoiding JPA taking it all back off you when you get back that's another matter..!!

    Good Luck!
  9. yeah got mine today too , well happy now. will be getting double next month ( off to raleigh for two weeks )
  10. Mine came in 4th Jan. Actually a reasonable amount of money for a change. It's a right fecker waiting for pay slips to turn up at the unit so I can check off what I've been paid against what I've done tho.

    Raleigh in Feb eh? Good luck mate, you'll enjoy it. You'll see some of my NE's there too. Dartmoor in Feb tho.... hope the weather clears up some before then!
  11. I wouldn't worry too much about the weather, it seems they are getting soft down there now. My lad joined Ral last Jan (Reg) and come Feb with a slight snow fall, his exped to Dartmoor was cancelled for H&S reasons, instead camping in the fields at Raleigh!!!!

    Back to pay....

    Fecking swizzling twonking ahole of a pay orafice are 'demanding' 6 an half hundred squids back off me claiming they overpaid LSA whilst deployed last year. Why don't they take it off the e-jut that paid it me in the first place..???????
  12. Strewth! H&S has a lot to answer for....

    On the 'demanded' money back issue - I'm reasonably sure I've read that if it's proven they overpaid you then it's in regs somewhere they can only recoup the money by 2 days a month or something - searched RR but found no reference to a BR or anything.
  13. ooo yes.... I seem to remember reading something like that myself at sometime.

    Thanks for that SG
  14. Got it!

    A memo sent out a few months ago regarding overpayment recovery.
  15. Look at your payslip on JPA (next time you go into the unit!)
  16. Har! You're joking right mate? The JPA statement tells me how much was paid (which I can see from my bank statement) and how much deducted.

    What it doesn't tell me and what I need to know is, for what dates I have been paid. The paper version does tell me this so I can then see what pay I'm missing.

    Unless there's something I've not seen in JPA? In which case I'm all eyes!

    JPA is still a right mess, for RNR at least. I was owed for courses I attended a year ago onward which I presume I got paid at the start of December, but cannot be sure till I see the paper statement containing the dates, because I can see from the amount that the total arrears isn't totally cleared up.

    Mind you then I'd have 50% less to drip about! Lucky I can't envisage this problem going away in the forseeable :)
  17. This is the case if it's an RNR overpayment but whilst mobilsied the regs with regard to so many days pay per month only applies whilst you are still in service. As soon as you are demobilised your overpayments are moved to SPVA Debt Collections who then administer the debt. I have been advised that the general rule is if you owe £1000 or less you get 12 months to repay, anything over this gets 24 months which in some instances can be more beneficial.!

    However the get out is that nothing has to be repaid until you agree that the debt is correct. You can imagine the hassle that causes..JPA having to justify why they have made their payments and deductions...Luckily I have an accountant that was able to assess my payslips and has provided JPA with a list as long of errors, incorrect tax deductions etc etc. Believe it or not JPA have been pretty good, I have been let down by the RN. As soon as you get that letter that says you are released from service they don't give a shit and expect YOU to try to justify what you should have been paid.

    As far as payslips go the JPA printout you get on a terminal does not provide a break down of dates, this is another flaw in the system compounded whilst deployed when your unit can't do a simple thing like get your paper payslips sent to you..and then the powers have the cheek to blame you for inaccuracies in your pay.."what a joke". The dates are on your paper payslip but if you need you can request a full breakdown from JPA directly.

    I think this is a massive issue and is not given enough attention by the powers to be. More information needs to be provided to people deploying upfront rather than leaving it to a 25 minute chat with a writer (if you are lucky) a couple of days before deployment. I was blamed for an overpayment despite not receiving any payslips or reservist award letter until I was halfway through my deployment. If I made a mistake paying someone in civilian world and then blamed them for it I'd be out of a job simple as..!!

    It was the same in 2003 and is the same in 2009, the powers to be have learn't nothing despite repeated requests to address the issue. It would be interesting to know how much money is wasted as a result of having to look into these issues and how much money is actually overpaid and also more importantly underpaid. I have made 3 written requests for a detailed explanation as to how the Operational Bonus is awarded. I've seen the paperworkk for myself but do you think I can get a straight answer from a UPO or chance!

    I have seen instances of 3 or 4 people who have all served the same time, same ship, same destinations, same op theatre all get paid different's not right and it's a disgrace!
  18. WM, that just about sums up the crap I'm dealing with, my thoughts, feelings and views.

    *Were you deployed with me last year..? AD*
  19. Affirmative....AD* If you get any snags PM me...with a bit of mutual support and information sharing we might get our money back from these retards yet!!

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